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tgoyetteThe dystopian life?2014-08-11 17:35:31
tgoyetteWho has the best dystopian world? Best may mean worst. Basically which do you really remember, old-school like 1984 or current like the hunger games. Scary or exhilarating, your choice. I like Brazil because of the bizarre elements along with the dystopia.2014-08-11 17:35:59
jessbaumChildren of Men really got me. And best of all the film version is worth the watch just to see the scene when the baby is delivered during a battle and the fighting ceases to hear the little one cry while the people marvel at the new life only to go back to fighting once the child is removed from the scene.2014-08-12 07:46:07
R.TornelloI just pick up the daily paper.2014-08-12 09:37:38
mark211'Brazil' is an absolute classic as is '1984' of course, so both of those are also on my list. But in addition to those, for movies I'd add Tarvkovski's 'Stalker'which is incredibly bleak yet also really absorbing. Staying with the USSR, Zamyatin's 'We' is incredibly eerie and was said to be an inspiration for '1984' (don't know how true that is). 2014-08-12 11:45:26
mark211Actually, not surprisingly fiction from former Soviet countries tends to produce some of the best Dystopian novels, not surprisingly because they had to live through it. So I'd add Mo Yan's 'Republic of Wine' which although technically a detective novel, I would class it under SF because it's so weird. The same goes for Viktor Pelevin's 'The Life of Insects' - a surreal fantasy in a broken down city.2014-08-12 11:49:24
IronspiderI'd guess that your take on a 'dystopia' would depend on the dystopian element that most greatly affected you (or any other reader) on a personal level, be that corporate control of all aspects of daily life (e.g. Rollerball), destruction of the family unit (Brave New World) or out-of-control bureaucracy (Brazil). There are a great number of settings that posit a breakdown of the environment (Blade Runner {DADoES} for example) and they are probably the stories I most relate to. But as I work in nature conservation, I can already see a lot of the ideas tied-up in those stories and films coming to pass.2014-08-12 23:52:40
r.tornelloIronspider, as I said, I just open the news paper, anything else is just make believe, and has no affect as reality does. That's not to say I'm depressed or anything, it's that old saw, reality is stranger (because it's in ones' face) than most anything one can make up RT 2014-08-13 06:40:32
IronspiderRT, I'd agree - a quick perusal of any newspaper or news website can be a depressing experience. I guess that's why I still relate to fictional realities - even in the most dismal setting there's usually some faint glimmer of hope to cling to. There's been a lot of recent scientific discussion on large-scale geo-engineering to try and reverse some anthropogenic environmental damage. While I'm sceptical such interventions would achieve significant improvements, part of me wonders what would need to change in humanity for us to reach the required level of altruism and restrictions on our freedoms to protect those of future generations?2014-08-13 23:49:12
R.TornelloIronspider, my comment on Independence Day sort of dovetail with your last question. It's going to take a lot. RT2014-08-14 04:44:47
jessbaumThe world has always had problems, we just get more information on it now because we have hundreds of media images being pushed on us from all sides all day every day. I myself am awaiting the zombie apocalypse. haha2014-08-14 06:50:59
cuchulainBack in the early twenty-first century, I remember being fascinated and riveted to my TV for the dystopia of James Cameron’s “Dark Angel” -- with its post-technological collapse caused by a terrorist Electro-Magnetic Pulse attack, a haves-and-haves-not disparity of remaining resources and the fulsome extremes of the military industrial complex with invasive government drones spying on citizens, conspiring corporate leaders covering up misdeals, and of course, a designer gene program to create the ultimate super-soldier, aka “Fantastic Four”’s Jessica Alba as Max Guevera, the eponymous dark angel. It also starred Michael Weatherly, John Savage, Kevin Durand, “Supernatural”’s Jensen Ackles, and “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”’s Nana Visitor. My favorite episode was the second season Halloween humorous send-up of the more fantastical elements of the series. 2014-08-15 04:49:45
Michele dutcherFollowing up on jessbaum's Children of Men: I was reading an advice column this morning about children crying during church services. This rabbi was saying he remembered after the holocaust the services were very quiet because all the children and babies had died in the camps. He said that a few years later, when the first baby cried during a service, everyone turned and looked and smiled. He never complained again about children breaking the silence. 2014-08-19 08:37:10
mark211Strange how the most monumental events are best understood through such evocations. 2014-08-19 15:14:39
jessbaumWow Michele, gives me chills.2014-08-21 06:40:49

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