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tgoyetteThe most magical magic?2014-08-31 23:26:04
tgoyetteMagic is a key element in Fantasy Fiction, and not infrequently the key element there's the dazzling and oneiric contortions of the laws of physics in Jack Vance's Dying Earth novels, Melisandre's necromantic powers in George RR Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series and, of course, JRR Tolkien's Gandalf whose main magical power seems actually to be his vast store of knowledge, histories, languages, artefacts and so on. But where can you find the most magical magic?2014-08-31 23:26:27
jessbaumLet me just break out the cheese and say Love. Love is a driving forced behind a lot of character's powers, Harry Potter is probably the most popular example. But to get away from that love also has very dark sides and can push character to go insane and wreak havoc.2014-09-01 06:32:40
r.tornelloThe distance between love and hate is less than one femtometer.2014-09-01 07:29:44
esullivan240Science- Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. - Sri Lankabhimanya Arthur Charles Clarke2014-09-02 08:57:29
jessbaumScience and magick are highly linked. those who knew the secret of gunpowder before it was widespread knowledge were considered the most powerful wizards. Magick and science are often the same thing it's all how you look at it.2014-09-02 14:04:48
micheledutcherThe interesting thing to me about magic is the duality of it: if there are angels then there must be demons; if there is white magic made of love, there must be dark magic made up of pure hate. If The Church can have rituals to heal people, there must be rituals to squash people where they stand. Take any ceremony or ritual or potion - and flip it to have the underside of the magical world. Which is more powerful, dark magic or white magic? - which do we have more of in the world - love or hate? 2014-09-04 09:14:15
jessbaumGood question, an even balance sounds spot on to me and I guess that's to be expected.2014-09-04 11:32:10
esullivan240Then of course what if you were only capable of black magic but were a good person or only capable of white magic but were a horrible individual? How would you use your power then?2014-09-04 12:56:04
IronspiderI'd nominate the Earthsea Quartet as containing one of the best examples of magic in a fantasy story. There are no pyrotechnics, no incomprehensible incantations - there are outcomes (not always what is anticipated) and there is the cost to pay to wield that power.2014-09-05 00:09:07
mark211Hi Jessbaum - what a great answer! I had actually understood the question to mean the kind of answer that Ironspider gave (i.e. representations of magic in fiction), but your take on the same - 'Love' - is brilliant. For me at least, here's one reason why - the beauty of magic to me is in its symbolism. All 'good' representations of magic should aspire to being resonant of, symbolic of the reality we feel as opposed to the reality we see or we (think we) know. The 'best' magic to me, is poetry or theatre - a kind of blending of poetry with chemistry so that human hair sealed in wax then burnt over a green flame results in an envious feeling toward someone (or something similar) ... 2014-09-05 12:51:34
mark211I once visited the 'home' of a Voodoo priestess in New Orleans, and was stunned by what was inside ... everything in that house was a poetic sculpture or a sculptural poem but whatever way you looked at it, it was meaning drawn from objects ... so, e.g. the 'masculine' corner of the room was dominated by 'maculine' fetish objects - thin strips of iron, laid over a 19th C. print of a photo of Geronimo ... surrounded by an arrow, a razor blade, iron filings, copper coins - it was clear that the 'masculine' power was represented by metals and rebels. That, to me, was magical poetry or poetic magic - take your pick. 2014-09-05 12:57:05
jessbaumYou get it mark211! We are so on the same page:) 2014-09-05 14:21:04

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