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tgoyetteI like rats as best magical pets. 2008-12-12 18:38:18
tgoyetteRats are small and sneaky. They can go unnoticed through castles and any other middle-ages type environemnt. In most cases they can get their own food. The only shortcoming is they can't fly, but a wizard can deal with that. Sorry I don't have a whole lot of examples in literature, but Indiana Jones' father is scared of them.2008-12-12 18:42:58
oscarpI like something more useful like a horse. Yeah, it's big but it can help get you from place to place as well as any magic ability it would have. And, come on, Horses have to be way smarter than rats.2008-12-12 18:47:33
Sidewinder4The characteristics of the pets should at least partially reflect the qualities of the wizard who owns them. Wolf, Lynx, Blue Jay and crow are examples of cunning creatures. The first three are courageous. The last seems more of a low-life; more suitable to a dark wizard who isn't really all that powerful. The wolf would belong to a wizard who is most powerful and patient. Most likely older; the animals strength could help carry the wizard in some situations. A lynx would belong to a female wizard who is quiet but with the silence of a sleeping volcano; powerful and polite, young but ageless with a mean streak. A blue jay would belong to a thoughful, patient wizard who is wiser than most and would dote on the bird. 2008-12-14 10:13:10
Sidewinder4A female fox, a vixen of many redish browns perhaps slim bodied and strong-winged as well, who weilds small magics would make a good wizard's pet. Silent and dangerous she has both cunning and courage; the wisdom to flee as well. 2008-12-15 07:45:44
Sidewinder4Greyhounds, They always catch what they chase but they are not always sure what to do with it once its caught. Perhaps after a suitable spell they can pull the wizard's cart or sleigh. Maybe they breathe small amounts of smoke or fire.2008-12-29 13:44:22
Sidewinder4A lizard or snake that could crawl about the wizard's robes and confront those addressed by the wizard.2012-04-15 19:11:51

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