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tgoyetteLesser know series?2012-04-30 03:56:49
tgoyetteThere is a plethora of well know TV series: Star Trek, The Twilight Zone, etc. But what are some of the good ones that it seems no one has ever heard of?2012-04-30 03:57:10
tgoyetteIn the 70s there was a show called The Cube or The Cubicle, I don’t remember which. It was about a man in a cubic room and his attempts to escape. Many strange things happened to him. Only one other person I’ve meet has ever heard of this show before.2012-04-30 03:57:32
tgoyetteBlake’s 7 was a British series that played on PBS once. It was kind of like Firefly before Firefly. I haven’t met anyone else in the US who remembers this. 2012-04-30 03:57:48
sfbellActually, I do remember Blake's 7. It came on before Dr. Who (Doctors 1-7) on PBS where I grew up. SyFy has had a string of stunningly bad series that I have tried out. Sanctuary had promise, ultimately bored me. Warehouse 13 I still like and watch when there are new episodes. If you want ground breaking and fairly big hit, though I do not hear much about it now (like Star Trek) there's Babylon 5.2012-05-01 04:07:20
SixbearsSyFy, sadly, isn't worth the money. Did love "The Middleman." That had potential. Currently watching "Charlie Jade." (on Netflix) It's a South African production that takes place in parrellel worlds.2012-05-02 10:03:54
IronspiderOver here in the Uk we're stuck with Dr Who unless you have access to satellite or cable. During my formative years Blake's 7 was a big show here, did rival Dr Who, and there have been rumours of a revamped version or maybe a film. Most sci-fi shows on UK television were low budget but attracted sizable audiences - Tomorrow People, Doomwatch (more science fact than fiction), Space Cops (again trying for realism). There were a few short series, such as Child of the Vodanoi (not sure of the spelling) and Invasion:Earth (which I believe was a UK/US production and featured a few American actors such as Fred Ward), which had much larger budgets but were never intended to stay on air. We also had the likes of Quatermass and all of the Gerry Anderson puppet series (Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, etc) and sci-fi comedies such as Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy and Red Dwarf. We didn't have many television channels, but science fiction was well represented.2012-05-02 13:55:43
micheledutcherAs far as fantasy - I liked a show called: Cupid about the Greek demi-god of love that was told by Zeus bring together 100 couples before he could get back into Mt. Olympus, as a punishment. It played in 1999 and starred Jeremy Piven of Entourage. It was a very smart comedy, so it was cancelled after one season. The way Cupid was caught by law enforcement here in current times was: he was peeing in a fountain, which we all know, stone cupids do a lot of. 2012-05-04 09:42:19
CuchulainnI’d like to add the British telly show “Primeval” for a lesser-known series. My local PBS station has recently started broadcasting it. It is from 2007 and beyond. It’s from ITV. [These are the folks who brought us Space:1999, which I recall, arguing (playfully) was better than Star Trek (TOS) with my older brother! Next Generation changed my childish mind. ;- )] “Primeval”‘s premise is that there are time-quake wormholes in which dinosaurs can enter our twenty-first century world and cause havoc. This series has just a bit of fun for everyone. A ruthless British civil service official, his mostly sympathetic assistant, a very Scottish sounding paleontologist, cool military hardware, and two college age comic reliefs, one of which spends much of her off-time in swimwear because her flat is kept too warm for her pet dino’s needs. The scientist’s wife is fully aware if what’s happening; she was presumed dead, but is a thorn in the side of the investigation now. Is she the Joseph Campbell ‘Dark Father’ (parent) figure? The best thing is that it has DINOSAURS! Steven Spielburg’s & Brennon Bragga’s “Terra Nova “ had two problems: first: they didn’t introduce the conspiracy plot-arc until the middle of the run – after they lost the casual viewer – and second: NOT enough Dinos !!! I recommend “Primeval”, if you can find it. 2012-05-05 08:21:26
SixbearsWatched primeval on Netflix streaming. They just added new episodes. 2012-05-05 18:36:53

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