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mark211Which emerging technologies do you think will have the biggest impact?2014-11-02 04:10:37
mark211New technologies are emerging at an exponential rate and many of them look set to have significant impacts on our lifestyles and the way we interact with one another. Here are few examples:2014-11-02 04:10:55
mark211Activity Trackers such as FitBit [http://www.fitbit.com/uk] are being distributed to employees innovative health initiative or opportunities for micro-monitoring staff?; Mind-Machine Integration that is, using brain activity to operate devices physically remote from your body is still in its infancy, yet it already has some limited applications [http://nextbigfuture.com/2011/08/wearable-electronics-demonstrate.html]; 3D interactive spaces have the potential to allow for fast, accurate precision engineering and modeling at even a microscopic scale [engineeringhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hc3SYcMdJQ] 2014-11-02 04:11:12
mark211What other examples would you add to this list? Do you think their impact will be largely negative or positive? Which emerging technologies do you inspire your imagination? Which ones will have the biggest impact on the future?2014-11-02 04:11:27
esullivan240Materials are usually a good barometer of the speed of technology. Better cloth, armor, building materials. When we can build a ship that can withstand the stress of near light speed we will be mostly at a point where we can travel the stars. The most mundane technologies are the life changing ones. Take a look at the diode that won the Nobel prize this year. At first glance it seems pretty mundane until you find out what it made possible.2014-11-02 06:06:50
r.tornellore light speed, consider inertia on the human body. Might have to give evolution a boost, as in humanoids/replicants that can withstand those forces. But I do agree with materials adding medical and the growing research in nanotechnology. So the bottom line is physics. Then the shedding of geopolitically centered metaphysical superstitions would be another factor contributing to positive impacts. Ethics and morality do not need to be pinned to bronze age mythologies. 2014-11-02 06:28:35
esullivan240Agree. Physics is where it is at. We need more physicists. The believe it or not more biologists and geologists. There is stuff out there in the world that still has something to give to the future of mankind that hasn't been discovered yet. But if I had only one choice I would like to see more push for physics. That is when we might get close to a unified theory.2014-11-02 07:26:49
r.tornelloarticle in Nov. 20th New York Review of Books by Sue Halpern dealing with some of this. page 222014-11-02 11:07:42
Pippin91Lockheed Martin claims to be close to perfecting a compact fusion reactor. I can hardly imagine the impact that could have. It's fuel would be nothing but heavy water, it's waste products nothing but helium (or maybe hydrogen isotopes). It could usher in a new era of almost-free energy with zero pollution. That would change everything!2014-11-02 18:26:19
r.tornellore Pippin91: The alien space masters will never allow it!2014-11-03 00:33:35
micheledutcherWe need a silver bullet technology to save the world from global warming. Whoever comes up with it will be a god. If that doesn't happen, mankind is doomed - literally. 2014-11-03 08:57:23
r.tornelloAnother thought to Pippin, IT will never be free.

To Michele,too late, gotta get off the planet but as you know, this solar system is quarantined by the Galaxy Command Central. We can rearrange the chairs to look nice but all we have is this rock and Mars.

2014-11-03 10:06:58
mark211"We need a silver bullet technology to save the world from global warming." What about Pippin91's compact fusion reactor? "It could usher in a new era of almost-free energy with zero pollution."2014-11-03 11:57:53
r.tornelloRE FUSION

1st, I'll believe it when it happens. Then IF, it will be military applications because it will most probably be big and heavy,(smaller than the European/US/CHINA/INDIA/JAPAN and others efforts currently behind schedule), so I would read ship based. Then, the idea that any organization/corporation/state based monopoly would give away something like that is wishful dreaming.

If you look back electricity was supposed to be so cheap to produce that it was supposed to be free. Someone has to pay for the R&D.

Pollution is a different subject. 1st show me the reactor.

2014-11-03 12:16:18
mark211"...the idea that any organization/corporation/state based monopoly would give away something like that is wishful dreaming." I'm no economist, but at some point - if as you say they are successful - the probability does seem to be that it will filter down through society until it becomes an everyday and domesticated technology. The Internet, international air travel, GPS, teflon, nylon, goretex, etc/ etc. have all at one time or another come down to us from innovations in military and/or areospace tech. Sure it might take a while but ...2014-11-05 12:16:19
mark211Incidentally, just seen this which could be interesting: "... for the first time ever, scientists at the University of Vienna have coaxed a strong interaction between two single photons. It's an achievement that opens up radical new possibilities for a number of quantum technologies." Rest of the story is here: http://io9.com/in-this-image-two-photons-interact-heres-why-its-grou-1654502848?utm_campaign=socialflow_io9_facebook&utm_source=io9_facebook&utm_medium=socialflow2014-11-05 12:17:43
r.tornelloif it's on facebook I don't play there. If you have the actual publication data I will look it up. Thanks, RT2014-11-05 16:37:02
mark211http://io9.com/in-this-image-two-photons-interact-heres-why-its-grou-16545028482014-11-06 00:20:11
mark211This is the paper that io9 article links to: "Nonlinear π phase shift for single fibre-guided photons interacting with a single resonator-enhanced atom" It's rather over my head but others may find more in it: http://www.nature.com/nphoton/journal/vaop/ncurrent/full/nphoton.2014.253.html2014-11-06 01:20:30
John David RoseI've been thinking about the impact something far simpler would have on our daily lives. Something like these contact lenses with built in cameras (http://www.extremetech.com/extreme/180571-google-invents-smart-contact-lens-with-built-in-camera-superhuman-terminator-like-vision-here-we-come). This is the next step beyond Google Glass. But it won't be long and these will be capable of recording video. Just imagine the implications when anyone can be walking around with an inconspicuous video camera in their eye and recording everything that happens to them and it is all saved immediately to the cloud. We can record anything from our point of view literally. Imagine the implications to privacy. I predict a new wave of reality tv shows and movies shown from first person perspective. Have an argument with someone and want to prove what you said or they said? Just rewind back the streaming footage your camera contacts recorded. (I'm coining the term "racons" right here and now, by the way.) Want to show how you were bullied in high school, the victim of a crime? "Just a minute that footage is in my cloud storage." We have the beginnings of this with phones right now, but you still have to hold one of those up and point it to record something; it's still a little conspicuous. And once we have this technology in contact lenses just wait for the HUDs (heads-up displays). 2014-11-08 08:17:07
r.tornelloJDR There was something like this in a STAR TREK episode where Spock was arrested for a crime on a planet where each citizen had a constant recording of events that could be retrieved. Someone had inbedded his crime in Spock's head or something like that. Think about the black boxes in your vehicles, or your phones, they are constantly pinging the transmitters for geolocation, and that is being recorded, all the time.2014-11-08 09:18:29

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