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mark211It's 2064 what are people doing for fun?2014-11-23 04:47:33
mark211It's been said that you can tell a lot about a society by the games its people play and the entertainments they enjoy. So now here's the question: imagine it's the year 2064 - What do you think people will be doing in their free time and at weekends? Will children be playing with broken toys in the ruins of long deserted cities? Will moody teenagers be stomping off to their own virtual worlds every time they have an argument with their parents? Or will all leisure time have been replaced by evenings spent in silent contemplation of God? What do you think? Go wild! 2014-11-23 04:48:38
r.tornelloI'll be dead or 116 and by that time so what.

Which and what society are you contemplating?

2014-11-24 08:55:20
mark211"Which and what society are you contemplating?" Whichever one you've got in mind ... I was just trying to think about it in terms of set dressing. People in real life spend a huge amount of time devoted to leisure pursuits - we're doing it now for example - so what will those pursuits be like in future? 2014-11-24 12:18:05
mark211Another way of putting it - how will the world appear to a child of say 5-8 years old in 2064? Most adults remember at least one shopping trip with a relative, and probably quite vividly. And when they do, they are kind of time travelling. I'm just suggesting putting the process in reverse. For instance, the last time I took a train there were a whole bunch of kids on there with their parents, every single one absorbed in a tablet device. And that's technology that's fading even now. What kind of games could kids of the future take for granted if they have hands on very low cost 3D printers (in blue for boys, pink for girls, yellow, green or orange for anyone sensitive to such colour-gender distinctions). 2014-11-24 12:22:16
mark211And adults too - there's still a good number of British pubs in 19th century buildings (actually, there's even a handful in 12th to 14th century buildings but that's another story). Will people still go to the pub? Even now, it's a common sight to see the young fellas sharing videos on their smart phones in the way in my Dad's day they'd have been telling each other jokes. 2014-11-24 12:24:20
jessbaumEveryone's doing their best not to eat each other2014-11-25 13:07:00
IronspiderI'd suspect that if civilisation hasn't already started to collapse in upon itself, we can look forward to people indulging in ever more excessive pastimes. Liberalisation of drug laws may produce a generation of almost-inactive stoners, or the majority may learn to pace themselves - not all who drink alcohol are alcoholics. Sports may see a rise in more physically dangerous or violent pursuits - just look at the rise in popularity of wing-suits and parkour - and how long before Rollerball becomes reality? I'm not sure if tourism will change much - there may be a contraction of the number of exotic locations people visit if religious and political tensions continue to grow across the globe, and environmental costs may push some forms of travel back out of the financial abilities of the less well-off.2014-12-01 23:47:59

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