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tgoyetteFictional Character you’d most like to hang with?2012-05-07 03:54:57
tgoyetteZaphod Beeblebrox, just because he is that random. Randomness is a quality I enjoy in friends. It is not the greatest quality in a spouse, so we make choices.2012-05-07 03:55:20
SixbearsGandalf the Gray. Think about it. Wizard, swordsman, scholar. He'd be interesting to talk to and he has his friend's back. Another lesser known wizard, Barbra Hamblyh's Ingold from the Darwath Trilogy. He's a bit more humble and broken down looking than Gandalf, but he's also a lover. They'd have great stories to listen to.2012-05-07 06:46:18
CuchulainnMy younger self would think me remiss if I did not conclude that there can be only one answer to this question. And that would be... Buffy Summers, aka Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I love the depth of characterization and personal progress this fictional character achieved. She started out (movie or pre-television back-story) as the in-clique cheerleader type, the unapproachable girl who sat next to you in English class. (Okay, in real life for me, she was a majorette, and only spoke to me once, asking about my SAT scores.) At Sunnydale High, Buffy was now one of the freaks & geeks, battling evil forces drawn to the city's Hellmouth. By the series's conclusion, she had accepted her role as world saver, died twice, and became the leader of her own army of vampire slayers. Her surrogate father relationship with Watcher Rupert Giles was acutely developed, supremely realistic and very moving. Her Scooby Gang teammates also went through character development. This was not a static show that just rested on its laurels. Or, as suggested in one episode, was it all the delusion of a vulnerable, little girl in a mental institution? When I hang with her, I'll ask Buffy. 2012-05-10 14:37:05
WaterstoneI guess I just have to come up with my own specifications for the question. I suppose hanging with the character for a day, not on an adventure or any such thing, but just talking and interacting with the character would make it a fair question. Gandalf the White would be my number 1 pick. As Sixbears said above, Gandalf is a soldier, swordsman, and scholar. But not only that, he has lived for thousands of years, and unlike Gandalf the Gray, has even experienced death. There is no character that is capable of more, seen more, or has interacted with the world like Gandalf.2012-05-13 22:02:56
micheledutcherJames Tiberias Kirk, the classic alternative. Everywhere he went he got into trouble but talked his way out of it. If it was just for one day - it could be a lot of fun. 2012-05-16 12:26:47
sfbellDoctor Who. Time. Lord.2012-05-21 12:22:48

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