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mark211Character or plot?2015-01-04 04:00:07
mark211There is it folks - this question aims to do what it says on the tin: on the whole, do you enjoy plot-driven or character-driven stories?2015-01-04 04:01:09
mark211Naturally, it can be hard to tease these two elements apart, but think about the enormous popularity that some of the Song of Ice and Fire characters have gained - e.g. Tyrion Lannister - over and above the plots that these characters move in and through. On the other hand, wanting to find out how Robin Hobb's assassin, Fitz, is going to work his way out of an incredibly deadly corner can be just as gripping if not more so. So - what do we think?2015-01-04 04:04:43
r.tornelloAs long as it isn't encumbered by a whole lot of filler to make a buck per word, either one. Once upon a time I had the fortitude to wade through word ballast books, no more. If I need to sleep I have diazapan. 2015-01-04 12:22:42
Pippin91For me it's all about character. I don't think you can have a great plot without great characters because without characters we can get to know and care about, who cares about the plot? It's just a bunch of running around and "stuff happening". Like reading the news. But if someone knows a really great story with cheesy characters, please do let me know. I really would like to see that it might be possible!2015-01-04 20:27:28
IronspiderI've always preferred a balance between the two. I've read good stories with interesting plots that were spoilt by a bad or undeveloped character (Thomas Covenant, for example). Equally an interesting or well-developed character will rarely save a badly-plotted story. Recently I started trying to read 'The Remaining' by DJ Molles, but though the main character was developing nicely (if you ignored the obvious character clichés), the plot was a chore. I gave up about halfway through...2015-01-04 23:31:54
r.tornelloA good story is a good story. Like a good recipe, the ingredients must be of the right mix and cooked properly. Some have sugar some do not. It's all according to what you're baking, broiling or simmering. Over cooked, over written, prechewed or overly explained, in the garbage can, start again. 2015-01-05 07:31:41

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