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mark211Best Historical sources of inspiration?2015-01-25 13:42:47
mark211The infamous 'Red Wedding' scene in George RR Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series is now known to have been inspired by real historical events from Scottish history (the Black Dinner and the Glencoe massacre) but there are numerous other places, characters and events in Martin's series whose roots can also be traced back to historical fact. The Lannisters share more than a passing resemblance to the Borgias and King's Landing has a great deal in common with Byzantium and Constantinople. 2015-01-25 13:43:03
mark211What other works of Science Fiction and Fantasy have drawn on history to good effect? Are there any historical events that you think would make the basis for good SFF fiction? 2015-01-25 13:43:17
IronspiderBrian Stableford, author of the Hooded Swan series, also wrote the Dies Irae trilogy. The third book, Day of Wrath, is, in part, based on Homer's Odyssey. Tanya Huff's first Torin Kerr story, Valor's Choice, uses the defence of Rorke's Drift as it's background - replacing the British with Kerr's multi-species platoon and the Zulu with a reptilian species whose name eludes me. And though I can't recall the name, I'm pretty sure I read a story that borrowed very heavily from the British Raj, with an alien world substituted for the Indian subcontinent. Being interested in various parts of history (Dark Ages, the exploitation of Africa, WWII, etc.) I've often thought that revisiting historical events could be a ready source of inspiration. However, I find that it's historical trends that tend to be a more fruitful inspiration, such as the European rush to exploit the riches of Africa, rather than individual events.2015-01-27 05:34:35
micheledutcherSince Ironspider mentioned Homer's Odyssey, Oh Brother Where Art Thou - the movie - is based on the Odyssey, 'updated' to the 1930s. A righteous man wronged, getting together of a band of brothers, adventure, feeling lost, and finally redemption and vengeance - it still works as a basic outline. 2015-01-27 12:39:28
mark211It's a good point for sure, although I was perhaps thinking of more along the lines of an author using a real story on which to base a fantasy (or science fiction) tale - so the example of Rorke's Drift in Torin Kerr's story, Valor's Choice is perhaps closer. Another example - which I haven't read but have heard about - is Joe Haldeman's 'The Forever War' which I understand drew on his own experiences of service as a soldier in the war in Vietnam.2015-01-27 13:32:12
mark211"I find that it's historical trends that tend to be a more fruitful inspiration, such as the European rush to exploit the riches of Africa, rather than individual events." I think quite a lot of both Fantasy and Science Fiction owes a good deal to both colonial and cultural/religious conflicts through history. I suppose contact with the alien 'other' becomes literalised in actual aliens ('literalise' isn't a word, but I hope you know what I mean). Actually, QM's own Tim Goyette's novel 'Lockdown' has a flavour of Gold Rush / American Frontier to it. 2015-01-27 13:38:40
r.tornelloBooks rt2015-01-27 15:52:33
mark211"Books" Well, yes ... which ones in particular?2015-01-28 11:01:31
RTFor me, IT doesn't really matter which ones, today, HISTORIES by Herodotus, tomorrow Lysistrata, yesterday A History of Art by any number of people using that title. Inspiration comes from reading the dictionary and the origin and history of words.Owners manuals work too when I think about the work and inventions that went into making something as simple as directed energy weapons.

For me there is no ONE book or theme.

2015-01-28 12:00:34

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