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mark211Do you have a favourite map?2015-02-02 07:33:01
mark211Fantasy (and to a lesser extent, Sci-Fi), is generally famed for its maps. I don't know about you, but I am slightly a sucker for a map in the front matter of the book even though I rarely look at them once I've started reading. 2015-02-02 07:34:46
mark211What about you? Do you have a favourite map for a Fantasy world you have read about? Have you ever tried to draw and make your own Fantasy/Sc-Fi world maps? 2015-02-02 07:35:35
micheledutcherHere's the thing: I like the iconic map in the Hobbit book but I was thinking - Wouldn't it be fun to make a treadmill app for an IPAD so you could 'walk through' the Shire or past Smog's mountain? They have those for real cities and places, how about for fantasy places or scifi. Nerds like me would be encouraged to jump on the treadmill more - everybody wins. You could also make scenes around London for Doctor Who, although you'd need to adjust the labels some to avoid copyright infringement or contact the Doctor Who people with the idea and develop it. 2015-02-02 08:49:01
r.tornelloThe one I lost to my home planet in the ABEL 520 cluster. I'm stuck on this madhouse of a planet with you monkey boys and girls.2015-02-02 13:11:43
IronspiderHyborea, the Young Kingdoms, Middle Earth... I just like maps, so when one is provided to help navigate a mysterious world, I can't help think it's all to the good. And yes, in the fantasy world I've created and am currently exploring (everything's in draft), there's a map!2015-02-03 05:30:43
micheledutcherWas Tolkien the first to include a fantasy map with his work? Was the map originally included in the Hobbit or The Two Towers? http://io9.com/the-most-incredible-fantasy-maps-youve-ever-seen-474420566 here's the link to The Most Incredible Fantasy Maps You've ever seen - maps of fantasy places. This site says that the OZ map in Tik Tok was 'one of the first' included with a fantasy novel. The map of Mars showing the canals must have been an early kind of fantasy sci/fi map - although the author was serious at the time. 2015-02-03 06:19:38
jessbaumI tried to create my own for my novel and it looked like a 1st grader drew it. I love finding a map in any story, don't need it, but highly respect anyone who can draw one. haha 2015-02-03 06:38:47
micheledutcherAs far as a chronology of drawn maps, it looks like Schiaparelli's Map o f Mars with canals in 1888 beats most of them. Oz maps came along in the 1920s, and Tolkien's father, Christopher Tolkien, created maps of Middle Earth in the 1930s. Can anyone clarify this? Of course Plato laid out verbally a map of where the ruins of Atlantis could be found. And on ancient maps there were the 'here be dragons' tradition. 2015-02-03 07:02:42
mark211"Wouldn't it be fun to make a treadmill app for an IPAD so you could 'walk through' the Shire or past Smog's mountain?" Oh my word - make it so!2015-02-03 11:59:45
mark211"You could also make scenes around London for Doctor Who" A lot of it is actually filmed in Cardiff, but point taken.2015-02-03 12:00:40
John David RoseI love fantasy maps too. I was going to mention Oz (you beat me to it Michele), since I have two maps of Oz framed and hanging in my hallway. One is the Marvelous Land of Oz and the other is the Magical Countries Surrounding Oz. Interesting note: the early maps of Oz that were first included with the books were reversed from how they should have been, probably an error made by Baum when he was preparing the map for publication, an error that was exacerbated by an editor. So the maps reversed east and west so that the Land of Winkies ruled by the Wicked Witch of the West was actually in the east on the map, and the Land of the Munchkins, ruled by the Wicked Witch of the East was in the west on the map. So this earliest example of a fantasy map is actually a case where the map caused long term confusion.2015-02-03 14:10:43
John David RoseI also like the Land of Xanth map (looks suspiciously like Florida.) 2015-02-03 14:33:38
John David RoseI don't know Michele. Botticelli made a map of hell between 1485 and 1500 to illustrate Dante's Inferno. http://www.worldofdante.org/docs/botticellichart.pdf 2015-02-03 14:38:22
John David RoseI think some of the maps from the Voyages extraordinaires by Jules Verne also predate the Map of Mars. They were included in the first editions of Verne's books published in French by Hetzel. It looks like the map of Africa from Five Weeks in a Balloon, Verne's first novel, was published in 1864. http://verne.garmtdevries.nl/en/maps/originals.html2015-02-03 14:55:14
John David RoseA fun book for fantasy map lovers is The Dictionary of Imaginary Places by Alberto Manguel and Gianni Guadalupi. My copy claims it has more than 1,200 entries and over 220 maps and illustrations. :) 2015-02-03 14:57:56
John David RoseThere's software out there for aspiring fantasy cartographers. Profantasy Software has a whole line of programs, mainly targeted at roleplaying gamers, that could be used to make maps for a novel. 2015-02-03 15:31:26
micheledutcherI thought the oz maps were reversed because OZ was in the clouds and everything was basically 'turned upside down' - so the east would be west and like that. Someone could write an editorial about maps?? (John) You seem to be well versed in the subject. Just a thought! Md2015-02-04 12:57:07

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