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mark211Greatest written romance in Science Fiction and Fantasy?2015-02-08 04:43:11
mark211Yes, people, it is coming up to that time of year again, which prompts the question - what's the greatest romance you've come across in SFF fiction? And for this, it doesn't have to be characters in a consummated relationship - unrequited and lost love is allowed. 2015-02-08 04:45:06
mark211Rhea's love for Kris kelvin in 'Solaris' is a decent contender, IMO; I'd also put forward Fitz's love for Molly in 'Assassin's Apprentice - especially as he realises he has to let her go, even as he doesn't want to.2015-02-08 04:48:01
jessbaumWell my Paranormal Romance, "Tale of Two Bookends" will hopefully be mentioned here after it drops this summer...had to say it. 2015-02-08 05:52:46
jessbaumIf we're actually taking about the sub genres within the Romance genre I'd say "The Devil in Midwinter." Yes I have read a few romances, I have a vagina and a heart thank you. heehee If we're talking love stories in the Sci-fi and Fantasy genres I always think of Deja Thoris and John Carter. I love Burrough's old school chivalry and the love stories that have classic charm.2015-02-08 05:55:11
mark211"Yes I have read a few romances, ..." Well, I'm not equipped tht way, but I have in my time nevertheless read and enjoyed (longish list, sorry!): Jane Austen ('Emma', 'Persuasion', 'Pride and Prejudice'), 'Wuthering Heights', 'Bridget Jones's Diary', Carrie Fisher's 'Surrender the Pink' and Australian Shirley Hazzard's 'The Transit of Venus' and 'The Great Fire' so, just saying, I'm not a complete neanderthal despite ... that ... But anyway, exciting news with your Paranormal Romance, "Tale of Two Bookends" - make sure your keep us all posted!2015-02-09 13:34:15
mark211(Of course the books I just mentioned aren't SFF so ...)2015-02-09 13:36:00
r.tornelloI don't remember one off the top.

There is romance, the kind of love between two creatures (similar or not), there is love of ones country and sacrifice, there is love of self and awakenings that bring about change. I find it difficult to say.

I will also admit that I don't keep the details as in names of books, movies stored in my head. What I do keep are the feelings and mental pictures that these pieces of art engendered.

That lack of attention to those "Title and Author" details runs me in to knots when I try to locate the source of an idea, you know credit the source, plagiarism and all that. I'd love to (HaHa no pun intended)give you examples, but all I can give you are the frames of reference that I use. Maybe that's why I like lyrics and poetry of music. It's more immediate, the music being a wavelength, like a radio frequency, transmitting the message. the same too with art but a different transmission, though still immediate. The written word, in prose specifically, paints a different picture using a different frequency and brainwave line.


2015-02-09 22:02:29
micheledutcherIn the Time Machine, the hero tries repeatedly to go back in time to change the fact that his love died...which is very romantic, although tragically flawed. His ability to love again with an Eloi woman, 8000 years in the future is a testament to how strong the desire to love and be loved is. A different kind of love is the love between Louis and Claudia - the child vampire who loves Louis although she's still a child and can never become a woman.2015-02-10 09:04:28
jessbaumI watched the Time Machine movie and have had the book on my too read list for far too long. I love Wells' writing, will have to just sit down and read it. 2015-02-11 06:34:05
IronspiderI'd put forward William Mandella and Marygay Potter in Joe Haldeman's Forever War. Even the deleterious effects of quantum physics can't keep them apart!2015-02-12 11:33:17
R.tornelloHow about Lysistrata by Aristophanes? Love of humanity and peace 2015-02-13 07:39:29
r.tornelloThe Bill Of Rights is another one on my list.2015-02-14 17:30:58

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