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mark211Most innovative/intriguing story structure in SFF fiction?2015-02-16 03:56:11
mark211We all know from junior school that a story, at the very least, needs to have a beginning a middle and an end, but we also know that there is a wide variety of story structures and plot devices we can use. 2015-02-16 04:01:29
mark211For example, David Mitchell's novel 'Cloud Atlas' has an unusual structure in which only half of six different but interwoven stories are told from the oldest in the 19th century into the 'newest' in the far future and then in the reverse order from the 'newest' back through to the 19th century - the last chapter of the novel.2015-02-16 04:01:34
mark211So the question is - what other 'alternative' story structures have you found to be innovative or intriguing in any SFF fiction you have read? Did you like it or did you just find it annoying? Time travel fiction is obviously a good contender for this. Any thoughts on this?2015-02-16 04:02:47
IronspiderHypertext fiction! Still not totally sure how it's supposed to function, but I like the concept of a totally non-linear storyline, but one that still allows for a narrative to be told. William Burroughs' 'cut-up' process also appeals as an interesting format, though it did make for difficult reading when I tried a couple of his novels, 'Nova Express' being one.2015-02-16 11:05:20

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