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Transdimensional Blues
Type: Science Fiction , Alternate History, Fantasy
Author: Raymond Coulombe
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Jake Stonewalls life is in constant danger as he is pulled through parallel worlds, with little warning, and with almost no control. He is aided by the teachings of an enigmatic martial arts master. Jake learned more about fighting from his martial arts instructor than he ever learned in the army. His instructor also trained him in arcane mental arts. Those special talents grew as Jake was pulled from one parallel world to another. Through many trials and adventures, he learns about the true nature of reality. Jake struggles for control and searches for a meaning and reason for his exile. He discovers unexpected dangers, but also discovers unexpected allies.

   Rating: 5.00 Reviews: 1

Sample Chapter

The street morphed. Reality twisted before my eyes. First a flower shop, then a bookstore, a pet store, office space, warehouses? Now back to storefronts but with a difference. The matrix took me far afield. In front of me was Dan and Daves All Night Trauma Stand and Cut Rate Surgery. I hoped this reality was not one of the long-lasting ones.

Im afraid it was. The Trauma Stand did not waver, but I did: nausea, headache. The ground reached up and grabbed me, pulling me face first into the pavement: not a good beginning. Darkness.

Consciousness returned. My mouth felt stuffed with sandpaper, and my was face stiff with dried blood. The cold hard floor sucked the heat from my body. Welcome to a new dimension. Normally transition didnt hit so hard. I would not still be around if it did. The first time I changed realities, the disorientation nearly killed me, but I learned how to survive. The physical shock is bad, but the changes in society are equally disorientating. Every society has its rules, both conscious and unconscious, and woe to one who breaks them. Imagine being in a car crash and waking up in a different country. Thats how it felt.

-from Transdimensional Blues, Chapter 1: Jake Stonewall.

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