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Vital Nutrient Encyclopedia
Dreams of Darkness Rising (Prism Vol 1)
Type: Fantasy
Author: Ross Kitson
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The first book in a new epic fantasy trilogy. When tragedy brings forth servant Emelia's powers of wild-magic she is embroiled in a quest to battle a seductively evil undead sorcerer. But the wild-magic comes at a cost--that of her mind.

   Rating: 5.00 Reviews: 1

User: kerochan I knew Ross Kitson could write amazing fantasy because of the short stories he's submitted here. But his ability really shines in this novel. It's a big, sprawling epic with fully realized history, riveting characters, and top-notch writing. The plot is pretty standard, but what really makes it work is the characters, as the reader travels with them and slowly learns about their pasts and watches them grow and change. Ross fields a huge cast of people, but they all come across as vibrant and real. The well-thought out history of empires that rose and fell, different lands and cultures, and events in the past that reverberate through the present make for a splendid backdrop. I can't wait for the next installment in the series!