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Vital Nutrient Encyclopedia
Time Wars & other SciFi Tales
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Author: Gordon Rowlinson
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June 6, 1944-the most crucial and most desperate day of World War II-Just before the D-Day invasion of Normandy France, two unsuspecting, unassuming heroes find a time machine and discover an international conspiracy to alter the course of history by altering key moments in the most pivotal and famous battles in history. In addition to Time Wars, there are 10 other SciFi stories. With his finger on the pulse of new Science Fiction ideas, Gordon Rowlinson provides readers with 11 stories of the unknown, the speculative and the fantastic: A man returning from a interplanetary journey finds a horrible alternative reality on earth due to a time travel change done the past. An adventure-seeker buys the ultimate vacation-a trip to the Cretaceous period, but finds himself in a strange, exotic and hostile world and in a desperate fight for survival. A researcher invents a machine that reads minds but discovers that it is harder to interpret thoughts than read them. A professor discovers that dreams are not necessarily mere constructs of the mind and can be brought into reality. No one believes a friendless inner-city child's claims that he has a huge dinosaur as a friend, until the day where the child disparately needs his huge, mystery friend. A down on his luck rock musician takes on a chance and joins a shock-rock band and finds their scary act is for real. A team of explorers try to terraform a hostile planet to create an earth-like planet. However the more they try to change the planet, the more the life on the planet counters their efforts and fights back. ..and more.

Rating: Unrated