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Vital Nutrient Encyclopedia
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Author: James Gardner
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The Muted Shout of the Gray Tower, A Science Fiction and Fantasy Anthology, offers an interesting mix of fantastic tales. Gardner’s Lost Twins is a ”space opera,” and Time After Time is more of a time traveling “soap opera.” But Pneuro Dancer and Liquid Villain are comedies, both silly and funny with a touch of preposterous reality: From Pneuro Dancer, “[the ship] reminds me of your mother, D.L., suck-nasty and perpetually on the rag.” From Liquid Villain, “Were you [a student from a middle school and a test tube containing the villain] really trying to take over the world?” “Not anymore.” In The Sea Cave People, L’Qisse and Taroe, become lovers: “Beloved, I’ve always loved you.” … “I’ve wanted you since I learned of physical love.” She [Taroe] drew a ragged breath, “And I’ve planned for you from the time I knew what to do.” They discover the true nature of their tribe’s past and become the first royal couple to complete the traditional sea borne betrothal journey: “Holy Union and conception of Thirty-first Generation’s Monarch must occur at sea or on First Island which might be the middle of an archipelago. No one knows,” [said the Sea Shaman. The Snow Vixen Is a were-fox with no memory of her human self. Lost in a wizard’s spell, she must free herself from his slavery and fight her way to a home and family that she doesn’t know exists. There is poetry and many unique illustrations, original sketches, artwork, and photographs too. Click that mouse and enjoy. It’s worth every cent of the three, oops, $2.99. {amazon.com] The Muted Shout of the Gray Tower also titles one of the tales with a continuation in The Children of the Gray Tower: wizardry, werewolves, and love triangles both involving Reade Beryl the Sorceress, Last Serf of the Gray Tower whose love overwhelms Tomlin of Martyr’s Cavern, Warrior Priest of The Book.

Rating: Unrated