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Vital Nutrient Encyclopedia
Brighter than the Stars
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Author: Bill Kowaleski
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Dr. Gerry Landis is a respected physicist, confident that he’s current in field. Then two students take him to the modest suburban home of Jeremiah Washington where he sees an amazing generator that powers the house using only water for fuel, a generator that could change the world. When Gerry realizes that everything he knows, all the work he’s done is suddenly obsolete, he burns with the desire to learn how the amazing generator works. Gerry’s quest leads him to the planet Cygnus Prime where he and the two students, nerdy Keyshawn, and beautiful martial arts master Elka, go to study the science behind the generators. There they run up against an extremist group intent on driving outsiders from their planet. The extremists kidnap Keyshawn and sabotage the generator in Jeremiah’s house, badly injuring him. Gerry, Elka, and their new alien allies now have no choice but to redirect their efforts to saving both Keyshawn and Jeremiah. Brighter than the Stars is an interplanetary adventure full of the wonder of discovery and the danger and mystery of deeply alien cultures. While modern in theme and setting, it captures the positive spirit of Golden Age sci-fi.

Rating: Unrated