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Music is Magic


Timothy O. Goyette

Music is magic.  It can bring it back to a place and time.  I read “A Wizard of Earthsea” while playing Bad Company over and over.  Any time I hear a song from that album, yes to original vinyl, passages of the book come to mind.  Also, when driving with friends and a certain song comes on that gets everyone singing.  It’s a magic moment that we remember forever.    Many of you are now smiling lost in thought.
But beyond that it can empower us.  Being alone in a car with a beat that matches the rumble of the road that just makes us feel like a part of the night.  
One of the authors we interviewed said that as an author he gets to listen to a lot of good music.  I like to write with music playing because it seems to sooth my subconscious and get into the writing process.  I’m listening to Alan Parsons Project on Pandora while writing this.
There are many scientific studies that show the tremendous effect music can have on our minds and in some cases our well-being.  I find myself wondering if this is the result of being in an “ordered” universe.  Is there a rhythm to the background radiation, to stars, and planets that our bodies recognize from birth that teach us to seek out music?  Or is it just the organizing of neurons in our brains?  Is music’s effect on us celestial or chemical?  I’d like to think the former as that make us more a part of the universe and less of isolated internal feed-back loops.
What about you?  Does music spark creativity, transport you to another place and time, or feed your dreams?

2016-06-21 15:19:32
GordonRowlinson - Music tends to spark my creativity. Sometimes I name my stories after rock song names.

2016-06-18 06:45:58
micheledutcher - They're using music with Alzheimer patents now because they remember music - even the words - after the symptoms of the disease are advanced. Music allows them to 'become recognizable' to those who care for them, and the patients enjoy the time as well. The Walking Dead had a doctor trying this on people who were dying - hoping that even when they came back as zombies they would recognize the music (but it didn't work).

2016-06-03 05:04:46
Ironspider - Music will occasionally inspire me, though I tend to use it more as a background when I'm making a real effort to write. Progressive rock and metal are my preferred musical genres. I can sometimes blow through a mental blockage by turning the volume up, but it's more usually at a lower level.

2016-06-01 10:36:02
One thing that all music has (perhaps with an exception or two) is a beat. That beat is supposed to be akin to a beating heart, which is what we all heard/felt in vitro (with an exception or two). Are there other examples of music in nature? - are whales really singing? We evolved from the ocean so is there a rhythm and swaying sound in the ocean?

2016-06-01 10:33:01
mark211 - "What about you?" Yes, it does for sure - among the vast acres of half-formed ideas and unfinished stories on my laptop, there is one that I bashed out (still incomplete) that came directly from a 'Dead Can Dance' track.

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