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Thanks for the Fitful Nights


Michele Dutcher


The editors here at Quantum Muse ran a contest this month to see who could write the spookiest tale of terror, and I’m not ashamed to tell you I spent a few nights tossing and turning after reading the entries. There was one story especially where I kept thinking to myself:  ‘I wonder if that could be true? I know it’s not, but what if it were? – how would anyone know?”  


In many of the stories there was a common theme: there is no help coming.  However, you – our faithful writers - came to the Muse’s aid and produced eight excellent tales of terror, each one reaching out bony fingers to grab the brass ring and take home the prize money offered…and bragging rights no doubt.


The editors want to deeply thank everyone who participated.  The stories that didn’t make the top four will be published in the coming months, for the entertainment of our readers.


For the record, the winners of the contest are:


Third Place (winner of $20): The Dark Corner by John Rose, about a man who has lived a full life but now finds himself in a nursing home, with death drawing closer by the hour.  This story is well worth a read through.


Second place (winner of $30): The Pond by Edward Sullivan, the story of a young man who is new to a snowy country town – and seems to be asking cruel questions of his new-found best friend.  There was one image in particular that stuck with me.


And First Place goes to (winner of the $50 prize): The Raven by Iain Henson.  It’s a classic tale centering on a circle of friends in South America who should never have survived the 1940s - but what if they had??? Hmmmm???


Honorable Mention goes to Gordon Rowlinson for his story The Thing.  This was a tale of a first responder fighting an unusual nemesis.  The Muse thought so much of the story that she will be sending the author $10 to simply say ‘thank you’. 


So, gentle readers, as nature seems to slowly die here in the Northern Hemisphere, we here at Quantum Muse invite you to delve into the depths of despair and depravity with four unforgiving narratives of never-do-wells, a plethora of   pitiless parables, a whole herd of horrible...well, you get the point.


Once again, congrats again to our winners – this was so much fun that we’ll have to do this again sometime.


Michele Dutcher, assistant editor

2016-10-02 01:54:29
mark211 - Congratulations to the all the winners!

2016-10-01 12:18:47
micheledutcher - The winners need to please contact micheledutcher by Quantum Muse private message or by private email, to arrange payment of prize money.

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