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Clouds, Radios, and Crystals for Your Next Sci-fi Epic


James Gardner

The fabric of Space-Time has of late been described as the Zero Point Energy Field by researchers. It’s said to be made up of every wave length of every form of energy. If that is truly the case, a wave generator could theoretically be built that could put all crests of the ZPE waves to all troughs of a competing energy source thereby "cutting a hole" in Space-Time.
Radio waves are being used to research weather control. Ionize enough air with a vertical radio transmission of sufficient power and you get a big downdraft [of air] perhaps even a low pressure area. Low pressure is associated with bad weather. Large rock deposits could [at least in a sci-fi context] be exploited in situ [where they sit] through their crystal content; massive energy beams could result.
The only-electric car’s eighty-five mile range with an overnight recharge can’t compete with “coast to coast” in three hundred mile trip legs interspersed with 5 minute “pit tops.” Nikola Tesla’s unfinished endeavor to electrically charge the Ionosphere would put electric cars on equal footing with fossil fuel powered vehicles.    
 Stone Mountain east of Atlanta Georgia is 825 feet above ground level, about two football fields long and five miles around at the base. The unseen parts of the same deposit are under much of downtown Atlanta. The "Five Points" Marta [Atlanta's public transit system] station is cut from solid rock. This massive granite deposit could be "used" as a power crystal.
In flight, looking out from the cockpit of a flying machine visual distances are harder to estimate than from the ground as size does not directly relate to distance. Larger is not necessarily closer. Sometimes the colors of the clouds reveal distances. Vanilla bean ice cream-colored ones are further away than fresh-bleached white-laundry colored ones.
 From a vantage of 14,000 feet 10 miles southeast of the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport [Atlanta], I once saw the raw power of a lightning bolt that started almost at the western horizon and extended almost to the eastern horizon. Near dusk the display cut along and through an hundred mile long line of thunderstorms that stretched north of city. Startling and awful, full of awe and beautiful; water, air, and heat produce lightning.
Thoughts of electrons rubbing off their associated atoms and the parting of the Zero Point Energy Field or The Space Time Continuum for faster than light flight or time travel don’t seem quite so impossible after observing such raw power. Yes, but leaves in their quiet complexity are awesome are well. Such complexity and power is godlike, if not God-made.
Take a moment to envision: magic, a machine, or an awed character for your next tale. There is nothing noble, intelligent, or attractive about personified “nothing.” Let Nature take you by the heart. You will be pleased by the trips and the destinations. Did you know that miniscule electric currents flow inside of individual plant [leaf] cells?
Crystals make appearances in fantasy tales all of the time; magic, power from the seen and unseen. The orderly rows of molecules in crystals give them their elegant forms, and actual unique abilities. A crystal the size of an English Pea can power a radio set. With one wire attached to an aluminum clothes line and the other to the faucet in my mother’s kitchen a nine year old was 1950’s style ‘wired;’ all from a cheap bit of mica.
The power for this ‘radioapparat’ [German] was the ‘ether’ itself; no battery, no plug-in, no solar cell. The sun is a fusion reactor. The earth is a geo-thermal power source. Aided by the uneven heating of the Earth’s surface, and its spin, water, air, and heat produce lightning. Weather literally comes “right out of thin air.”
What could a radio receive if it were using a crystal as big as three mini-vans? The radio in your car is using a crystal smaller than the one in my Cub Scout Crystal Radio Set. As a Science Fiction fantasy writer you aren’t limited to the boundaries of Natural Law. Write!        
“Observing clouds from a flying machine I noticed lightning bolts just a meter or so long. I saw a static discharge  crawl up my windscreen a dozen centimeters and I wondered about catching them like Baron Von Frankenstein for his monster in the movies. I laughed at the utter stupidity and yet...”
This actually happened to me. I asked God about the tiny lightning.  He said lightning could be as small as one electron. But He mentioned no upper limit. Write!

2017-03-19 09:44:47
dandrew72 - Hmmm...this really has me thinking. I think of got a title. (I love to incorporate musical references when and where possible so Metallica' "Ride The Lightning" may be my starting point.) If this story turns out I'd like to indicate you as a co-author James.

2017-03-17 07:07:44
Ironspider - I tend to get a nosebleed when I try to put too much thought into deeper scientific ideas. I guess it's like 'magic' when you look into some of the more obscure, but generally fundamental, concepts that underpin science. I vaguely understand the concept of space/time, have a nodding acquaintance with string theory and the like. Zero-point energy, a bit like string theory, is an interesting idea that I just can't fully grasp. Doesn't mean I can't appreciate its use in a fictional setting.

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