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Legend in Our Own Mind


Timothy O. Goyette

I just watched a video that tried to explain the source of an historical legend.  And one of the problems is how legends evolve.  There may have been a true story to begin with, but with retelling and embellishing the story becomes more fanciful. 

It is like the game “Telephone” where the first person in a line whispers something to the next person and the process continues until the last person reveals what they believe they heard.  It is always different from what was first said.

A strange form of this also works with our memories.  Memories from our youth can be corrupted over time.  Then when we meet with childhood friends we can remember things differently.  You can sometimes hear older couples correcting each other when telling stories from their early relationship.

This effect can happen on very short terms, where people viewing an event can have different memories of what happened.  The show “Brain Games” demonstrates this in one of their episodes.  Well worth watching.

This all leads to the question, what is real?  My answer is the one most used in politics, “Don’t’ confuse the issues with the facts.”  We are generally happier living in our own reality of memory and history and legend than being concerned with seeking out the true truth.  It leads to too many arguments and misconceptions. 

As anyone in a relationship knows it is better to be happy than right.  

2017-08-31 14:04:00
GordonRowlinson - Oh, you're being oppressed now? By all means play the victim. This is the thing...when the govt goes against what the majority of the public wants, you have to expect people to speak out. When Nazis and the KKK are in the streets, you have to expect people to speak out. When a govt hostile to our country influences our election and our govt, you have to expect people to speak out. When the president sets new levels of lying, you have to expect people to speak out.

2017-08-30 08:50:46
Wesson - I swear to Allah your comments get dumber and dumber Gordon. You're not the resistance, you're the oppressor. Itís fucking ironic that the ignoramuses who claim to be fighting fascism are the ones suppressing free speech, destroying historical monuments and expanding government power. Wanna confront fascism? Look in a mirror.

2017-08-28 10:42:03
GordonRowlinson - These are not normal times. Trump does not have the character of the ability to do the job. People were in the streets immediately after the election. The only time that has happened before was the election before the Civil War. The resistance to the vulgarian will get worse. Things will get uglier before they get better. We'll get through this.

2017-08-19 21:31:33
Wesson - You know what? Scratch what I wrote. I shouldn't have cursed, I should have said this: Michelle, I could care less about the men you date but if you think avoiding men who voted for Trump makes you strong, it doesn't. There are already too many women out there who wrongly believe their hurt feelings constitute an argument - don't be one of them. Women are not under attack, women are not being oppressed, let's use some of that fabled tolerance I keep hearing about and frigging get along already.

2017-08-14 07:30:26
Wesson - @ Michelle - RT's divorce comment had nothing to do with the editorial which is why I made light of it. Shouldn't be a big deal, half the people on this site have to make everything fucking political, anyways.

2017-08-11 05:47:40
micheledutcher - Wesson: as far as RT's divorce comment - I would not divorce someone if I was married to them BUT I am choosing not to date men who voted for 45. After all his hateful rhetoric directed towards women, I have no interest in a man who agrees with 45.

2017-08-07 09:58:59
GordonRowlinson - Many times I watch an old movie that I saw as a child or young teenager and I am disappointed by as it doesn't measure up to my memory of it.

2017-08-06 13:34:05
Wesson - @RT: Divorce? Gotta love that famous liberal tolerance (sorry, couldn't help myself)

2017-08-05 18:25:19
dandrew72 - Similar are instances of deja vu. I think most of us have experienced a situation that we felt had happened already - sometimes to the point that as events unfolded it was all predictable. A professor at University of San Diego has speculated that time isn't linear but instead everything is happening constantly. In other words, as I type this I'm also asleep in my bed three nights ago, in a car crash back in 1993 while the Lincoln-Douglas debates are taking place as India lands their first astronauts on Mars. Reality and time make for potent characters in our storytelling.

2017-08-01 07:31:07
r.tornello - Or another example, in which I reviewed a movie from long ago where I thought I had the picture perfect in my mind only to discover, nope I missed a bunch or had it bass ackwards.

or how about memory is like the stratification of the earth. Sections of memories drift down through and percolate other sections altering the mind's recall of the event.

Better to be happy than right? I'd divorce my spouse too if she voted for Trump. (this one is a two edged sword).

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