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With Sloth Comes Wisdom


Michael Gallant


Well, it’s been a decade since first we took up our cause. Bravely taking to the streets and manning the barricades for freedom on the web against the traditional foes of writers everywhere.

Or, to be honest, lurking in the darker alleys off the information superhighway, lobbing Molotov cocktails at bastions of power and sidling up to our targets with a blackjack up our sleeves and enthusiastically putting the boot in once we have somebody down.

In those ten years, we’ve stumbled. We’ve updated late, we’ve missed a few issues, we’ve had our share of administrative nightmares. Mostly because we lost our adult supervision early on and soldiered on with a couple of guys who can’t be convinced something is urgent if nobody’s bleeding or on fire.

Now, we’re older and wiser-- well, older for sure. And while that means we may be a bit grayer, fatter and slower, I think we have gained a bit of wisdom in that we have figured out how to pass on a lot of the work of critiquing to you.

So, I guess laziness is the mother of innovation.

But it’s more than just taking work off of my undeserving shoulders. No, our community, both band of brothers and ragtag band of gypsies, tramps and thieves, gives to our writers the thing they crave most.

Yes, narrowly edging out distilleries and brothels, what our community dispenses is feedback.

We’ve all learned to cherish rejection letters since they represent a refreshing change of actual communication. We know that our efforts to get our friends to read our work is a great way to clear your social calendar. What we want, what we crave, like a junkie or and alcoholic shaking and sweating for a fix, is feedback. To know how our creation effects people.

We’re like alcoholics who want to hold someone hostage and drink with them.

So, it’s not real surprising why the lights go out when we come knocking on the door.

And now, thanks to you, we all have someone to listen.

And to help us get better.

2009-07-30 20:13:49
Dear Mike I like the editorial Cool. Peace and Balance, Cindy

2009-06-27 19:57:10
Holy crap, I'm not alone? et out of my head mind ninja.

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