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Happy Horror Month


Timothy O. Goyette

Another October is upon us.  Days are getting shorter and colder where I am.  The death of summer brings the blood red colors of autumn before falling into the death of winter.  The wheel of time grinds over the earth in a relentless drive to entropy. 

A couple of time, when I was much younger, I lay in bed thinking about the infinity of space and emptiness of death and shivered in fear. 

Today, much, much, older I’m able to hold the shivers at bay, but get little twinges now and again.  Does everyone have a little fear of the unknown, or is it only me?

On a happier note, October brings our annual horror issue.  This year we had a contest.  You can read the winners pieces.  We hope they don’t bring nightmares, but one never knows.

2017-10-21 10:04:27
GordonRowlinson - If there is no God, what caused the big bang? Where did all the matter in the universe come from? What existed before the big bang happened?

2017-10-13 21:45:49
Sidewinder4 - Someone said that either there is a God or we are totally alone and that either condition is frightening. I was a professional aviator for 37 years. On one particular night, I was just south of Atlanta and just to the north, about 20 miles north, in a line of severe thunder storms a lightning bolt started nearly to the western horizon and went fully across the sky to the east. I was at 10,000 feet. The visibility was such that the bolt had to be a hundred or more miles long. The bad weather struck Atlanta after i was on the way home in my car. The Universe is way bigger and God, for the believer, "bigger" than that. I have been shot at [in Vietnam] and [in flight] i have had lightning strike so close to me that i literally "felt the heat." The "shivers of fear" that you relate are more profound because there is no defense. i can't fly away or shoot back. I have to take what comes. Truth and Love if John 14:6 and I John 4:8 are correct. Sidewinder4, Jim Gardner

2017-10-11 23:33:45
Ironspider - When my partner and I visited New England a few years ago, we came across several burial grounds in and around Boston. We noticed quite a few headstones featuring engravings of a winged skull. We were later told that those graves belonged to sailors. I wonder if there's a modern equivalent to that custom, or does it still continue?

2017-10-07 12:26:41
dandrew72 - Maybe to spark some interest in the scary this season, I discovered a unique cemetary on one of my morning runs recently. The occupants are unidentified and there are no historical records that indicate their identity other than they were buried there in around 1917. Old maps of the area show that there may have been a hospital about a mile north of the cemetary. The hospital of course is no more, and the grounds it once sat up aren't open to the public. What a strange confluence of events - with implications for a story if one wanted to connect the dots in any sort of way.

2017-10-01 16:46:09
John David Rose - BTW Tim, about those little twinges now and again... yah I can relate.

2017-10-01 16:42:07
John David Rose - My bad. I see now it was announced in last month's editorial. Well, at least I can still enjoy reading those winning entries. :)

2017-10-01 16:32:56
John David Rose - Where was the contest announcement? I never saw it. Sorry I missed it. Maybe next time.

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