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A Prayer for Science by Richard Tornello


Michele Dutcher

A Prayer for Science


I Sometimes Wonder


By, RdotTornello © 2018


The Village idiot Press



Diagram a poem’s sentence. In so doing the generative syntax is understood, however,

the art is destroyed.



Brain waves, gravity waves,

Rovelli’s quantum dot ocean wave comparison

Granular nature of reality,

Non-local communication

And Bohm’s unbroken wholeness of reality.

Similar in subliminal concepts of nature

But a different bite in the basal ganglia.

And so, dear reader, connect the dots.



We have heard the old saw that when

Advanced science meets

Societies sufficiently retarded and there-by greeted

The appearance of magic and spectacle of, acceded.



Underlying truths can be discovered

with time, practice and patience,

Though the status quo, unless it embraces

Its power base threatened 

new fear embraced,

When claimed separation from the given orthodoxies arrive.

“Not like us” proclaimed while giving rise

to effacing , burnings,

heretics, apostates and said evildoers coerced into false confessing.









Lets us consider prayer and healing’s fame

Let us consider successes claimed:

A group of human monkeys

Together meditate or prayer in essence the same

on an issue where the Cure not current and unnamed,


Good health returned.



1, Now let us consider brain waves,

non-local communication,

universal unbroken whole-ness,

quantum gravity’s based reality.

2, Consider brain waves:

Over the air and not yet detectable

that can make machine moves mathematical

and, can do many things in a wire connected mode.

Example Stephen Hawking brain-computer load

It may not be as loopy as it appears.


So why not?


In a manner of truth to universal connectedness consider

And instead,

when focused prayer is claimed,

call it what it just might be:

mass focused quantum brainwave communication

of the unbroken wholeness of reality.

Consider it’s the same, only

the warm comforting magic is gone, a finality

to the cold reality of,

of quantum  gravity’s total albeit greater vitality.

Where we must, and here’s the rub,

subtract that “necessary central mystical network hub”.



Oh heaven forbid!

Will create a nasty rub and social stirring?

Just remember Galileo, the church and false confessing.

Then Newton to Einstein and Quantum reality science upending,

To who knows what?

The new (but old) is always disconcerting

when new technology and altered world view  it’s comporting.




2018-04-04 05:02:08
Ironspider - Enjoyed that! QM should have a Poetry Corner...

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