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Baby, We Can Change


Michael Gallant

So, please, give us a second chance.

We know we let you down. Late updates. Submissions vanishing into thin air. A six month hiatus that may have gone a bit long. Those drunken late night calls. The time we sold your medicine to buy booze. That dead hooker we stuck you with when we returned your car.

--Or, wait, maybe I'm getting my apologies mixed up. Gotta check with my sponsor. I'll leave him for now though. He's sleeping off the hangover right now. Or maybe it's the concussion.

The point is, we want to treat you right. Update every month. Mostly. Give you answers on your submissions. Even give you that feedback you always wanted.

This time, it's for real.

It's for real mostly because editor Tim, otherwise known as our responsible adult supervision has returned, and turned his talents for programing to making the site better, more automated, more interactive. Now, our authors will be asked to critique existing stories, and in return will see their own work evaluated. The new design allows for more and better feedback, allowing our submitters to hone their skills, and helping to build a community.

It also takes a lot of the work out of our hands. Trust me. That's a good thing.

So, what do you say?

Can we try again?

Try to decide quick, because this suitcase is heavy, my landlord will eventually break down the door to my apartment and find I've skipped, and the case of beer in my back seat is getting warm.

Please leave your comments. They will be stored permanently with interview.

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