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Tim Goyette

The art of reading is fading.  It is an art because we, the readers, create the worlds and people in our minds as we read.

Writing, however, is still going strong.  There are just fewer partakers of the experience. The problem, as I see it, at least in the US, is that reading is too much work.  Most people experience Science Fiction and Fantasy in the movies and on television.  Are we, as a people, becoming more stupid or just lazy? 

In this month’s interview with Jeanne Cavelos, she shared her experience in grad school giving Science Fiction to all the Literary Fiction people.  They couldn’t understand it.  They hadn’t developed the art of reading, the imagining to life the words written on the page.

You’re reading Quantum Muse, so that’s says a lot about you.  Whether good or ill, I let you decide.

I suggest a simple self-test to see if you are developing your reading skills. 

Check around your home.  If all the books are neatly placed on a bookshelf, then you are not reading enough.  If there are books on the headboard, in the bathroom, or on the arm of a favorite chair, then you’re doing ok.

So, if your significant other asks, “What are all these books lying around?”

You can answer honestly, “I’m just an artist working on my muse.”  And, smile as you say it, because you are!

2010-03-17 10:27:40
You can leave a copy of Quantum Musings lying around. It's the closest thing to a QM hardcopy you can get. (without printing one out yourself)

2010-03-10 05:03:47
Teach a person to fish and feed the body. Teach a person to read and feed the soul. Teach a person to "create the worlds and people in our minds as we read," and free the spirit. S4

2010-03-08 03:06:34
Gentlemen: My name is Winalyn A. Labides. I am Filipina, born and raised in Digos City, Davao del Sur. I am a Radiologic Technology student. One of my classmates is married to an American, who is retired. His hobby is writing, and it’s happen that I enjoy reading. And I asked him if I could read his works. He promptly said that the book based on Philippines local story. He let me read the book, and then the book is a science fiction story. And I believe you may be interested in, it shocked me upon reading it. And it will do the same for you. Can I e-mail a few pages? Please send e-mail address whether you want a few pages or the complete work. owner_curmudgeon@yahoo.com Thank you.

2010-03-05 06:16:19
I loved the editorial. We leave books everywhere at our house. I almost never watch TV, as it zombifies the brain. There's nothing quite like a book... too bad you can't leave copies of Quantum Muse lying around!

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