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It May Not Be Pretty, But It's Sturdy.


Michael Gallant

Thereís something to be said for persistence.

QM is just over eleven years old. In internet years, thatís like Methusalaís older brother. I recently went through our old links to other zines, and the majority have folded. I understand why most zine strike the tent after a few years. Thereís not much money in it, itís a lot of work, and most of the feedback you get is negative.

So why did we survive? Iíd like to say talent, but thatís far too subjective, and Iím not dishonest enough to say work ethic, especially as this editorial is being written the day after it should have been posted.

I think itís just that we have survived on simple inertia. Weíve plodded along, posted an issue more or less every month, and every time somebody has sat down on the side of the Information Superhighway, dropped his pack and said "screw it!" somebody else has stepped in to shoulder the burden.

It may not be much, but itís been enough. Weíre survived.

More than simple survival, our stubborn refusal to go away has nabbed us interviews with many prominent figures in the field. I never imagined for a heartbeat that Michael Moorcock, Steven Brust or Glen Cook would talk to us. These guys were some of my biggest influences and they were happy to give us an interview basically for free, although we did buy Glen Cook dinner.

Thereís a lesson in this for all of us. The biggest advantage a writer can have is to be persistent. Talent is nice and all, but everyone has a few thousand pages of bad writing to get out before you see anything good. Itís just persistence to forge onward through bad drafts, less than enthusiastic reviews, and piles and piles of rejections to get anywhere in this business.

So, we at QM may not be all that talented. We may not be very good at running a site, we may not be very punctual.

But by God, weíve got us some inertia.

2010-06-11 07:06:25
My question is... it's great QM is still around, but where are all of the editor's stories? Aren't you guys writing anymore? Tim contributed a few tales to the new incarnation of QM early in 2009, but I haven't seen any new stories from Mike and Ray at all. Quantum Musings came out ten years ago! Surely you guys have written some short fiction since then?

2010-06-02 09:30:57
Here's a more accurate recipe: 2 parts inertia, 4 parts stubborn, and 3 parts passion

2010-06-02 06:20:06
and the wheels of the bus go round and round

2010-06-01 09:10:13
Inertia! It keeps the world turning!

2010-06-01 06:11:12
Here's to inertia!

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