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Nature vs. Nurture


Tim Goyette

Okay, Boys and Girls, it is time to put our thinking caps on.  Today we are going to examine that preeminent concern of our day: ĎWhy donít some people like Science Fiction and/or Fantasy?í


I donít want to be critical of our friends who donít appreciate these genres.  Iím sure we all know and love quite a few people who, except for this one fault, are absolutely wonderful.


Itís not that they are stupid nor are we naÔve.  Itís something deeper than that.


Almost all children in the world at a young age are told stories and/or legends from their cultures that have fantastic components.  They may include magic, powerful beings, amazing creatures, and more.


As children we all seem to love them.  Somewhere along the line, though, some of us lose our taste for these types of stories. 


In many cases it is to go on to another genre.   I have an uncle who likes to read war stories, but only those that represent actual and true events with as little embellishment as possible.  The best for him is soldierís letters from the front lines. 


In other cases the person seems to give up on literature all together.  For them watching has replaced reading.  However, weíll save this topic for another day.


People tend to like both Science fiction and fantasy.  Sometimes it is one more than the other.  It is probably because they both have fantastic components to them.  Be it cloning, space travel, dragons or demons, there is something Ďnot realí about them that we really, really like. 


Personally I think the big factor is self-concept.  If we view our selves as too grown up, too sophisticated for these genres then we learn to move on.  I donít think this is a conscious decision, where we decided to leave it behind, but because we are drawn to those things that build up our sense of self. 


What this says about our self-concept, as those who enjoy these genres, Iíll leave to each of us to decide.  I expect that someone will write a doctoral thesis in psychology or sociology on this subject.
2010-08-01 09:02:11
The real world is so grim and so dull. Why people like to wallow in literature that reflects the "real" world has always confounded me. Don't they get a high enough dose of boring angst just living from day to day? Give me dreams and visions of the fantastic any time.

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