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Meeting Place


Tim Goyette

Tis the season to be jolly. Well, maybe not in our current economic times. Given some of he difficult things going on in the world it is nice, at least for a little while, to have a place to go and leave all that behind and escape to new and different worlds.

It is all part of the service we hope we are providing here at Quantum Muse to you the readers.

There are legions of creative people out there who spend there nights and weekends crafting words, characters, and plots into entertaining expressions of there own imaginations.

Bringing these two disparate groups together in a common meeting place is our ultimate goal. In this way its a town square, a meeting place, with sellers hawking their wares, friends and acquaintances meeting, talking, and discussing common interests.

We will be bringing new features to Quantum Muse over the next couple of months to make this a more interactive site.

Last month we added the ability to attach comments to the end of each story. This is a good way to give the author encouragement and/or discuss the story in general.

This month we've added a monthly book discussion group, where each month we invite you the reader to join us in reading a book and then review, critique, and discuss said tome.

If there is anything you can think of to improve this webzine, please send a comment to the editors.

Thank you all for visiting,


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