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Tim Goyette

You may have heard that Barnes and Noble is up for sale.  They feel the company is under valued.

From the reports I heard and read, they were late to the internet and even later to e-books.  Amazon has eaten their lunch and is now the three hundred pound gorilla.

What does this mean for us the average reader? 

With Borders in financial difficulty and B&N wavering, the big book store may be moving out of a neighborhood near you.  They will probably still exist in large markets.  We’ll be forced into the book section of the local Wal-Mart and pharmacy where the variety is limited to best sellers. 

This could lead to the resurgence of the little book store; your typical mom and pop, low overhead operation that the big stores put out of business.

It could be that all roads lead to the internet, where Amazon looms over everyone.  Personally I hope that B&N continues with a physical presence, or that small shops will start up again.   I don’t believe the internet can compete with the feeling of browsing through a book store.  Holding the books, reading the cover and a few pages and stumbling upon something great is a joy I will miss.

My wife and I go on dates to book stores and spend hours.  We usually leave with something too. 

So go to your local book store and enjoy it.  Appreciate what you have now, because…

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