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Street Performers


Tim Goyette

Welcome to yet another issue of Quantum Muse.  Yes, we are still here!  So far we’ve done an acceptable job of staying ahead of the bill collectors and the law.  Not that we’re doing anything illegal, it just feels that way some times.  Working late at night, conspiring with the team, it can seem cloak and dagger.  And why not, both Mike and I are fencers.


So here it is another month of the fiction you, the eager reader, are hungering for.  Isn’t it great to have new fiction each month waiting for you online, conveniently accessed from your work computer when the boss isn’t around.  Yes, we know who you are, but we’re not telling.  Nope, didn’t see a thing.


We especially want to thank our hardworking and creative authors who have so generously donated their work to Quantum Muse.  That’s right; we do not pay the authors for publishing their work.  This isn’t because we are stingy, which we are, but because we are broke.  Quantum Muse is a labor of love/hate for the editors.  We are almost like addicts.


What we provide for the authors is feedback, which can be more valuable in the long run.  Their works are critiqued in the writer’s community before they make it into an issue.   Over the years we’ve seen some authors develop, warming our very little hearts. 


Although the critiques are useful to developing authors it is still a bit lacking.  Being paid for ones work adds some pride.  The only way for them to receive remuneration on QM however is though tips. 


Yes, like street performers, they cast their art before an audience and leave a hat out.  You, the reader, have the opportunity to cast a small amount into the coffers.  As you may have noticed there is a tips cup at the end of every story.  What ever you donate will go directly to the author whose work you liked so much. 


They do not twist into pretzels, or swallow swords, or perform other impossible stunts.  No, they spend hours in a solitary room agonizing over word choice, and sentence structure.  So please leave feed back on each and every story you read here, and if you like something, tip the artist.  They’ll really appreciate it.

2010-11-30 22:31:17
Thanks for maintaining the site. I'm sure you don't get much in the way of kudos from the authors, but know that they all (me included) appreciate your efforts.

2010-11-03 08:01:07
Well said! Honestly, comments are more highly appreciated than a couple of dollars. But receiving both is even better...

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