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The Ghosts of Christmas


Jeromy Henry

Christmas is a fantastic holiday.

From ghosts appearing in "A Christmas Carol" to the idea that a fat guy in a red suit could drive a flying sleigh and somehow hop down everyone's chimney on earth in one night, most stories about Christmas include things that are inherently fantastic.  Hey, Santa even has elves, though they aren't the Tolkien type with longbows in their hands and stars in their eyes.

While mainstream and classic holiday stories are fantastical, from Dickens to the latest movie, sci-fi and fantasy authors have long taken Christmas to even stranger places.  Look around, and you'll find speculative fiction Christmas collections all over the place.  Santa could turn up as a vampire or a robot, a time traveler or a wizard.

Christmas is a time for sci-fi and fantasy.  It is a time when the ghosts of the past, present, and future gather in authors' minds and inspire odd and brilliant stories.

Merry Christmas.  Live Long and Prosper!
2010-12-08 06:09:55
Thanks, S4. I just wanted to make a brief announcement. Quantum News is now up again-- the input form was broken, which is why the news was so old before. If anyone has sci-fi or fantasy news, go ahead and post it. We'll probably mention it in the next Museletter as well.

2010-12-01 15:36:23
Welcome Christmas Welcome Jeromy S4

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