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The Old and the New


Jeromy Henry

We've made some changes at Quantum Muse, and we'll make more over the coming months.  Digital bulldozers and steamshovels are even now converging on www.quantummuse.com.

If you'd like to keep up with the changes, keep an eye on the now-working Quantum News page.  Just click "news" on the sidebar.  And post your own news if you have something to say that's related to fantasy or sci-fi.

To have time to transform the site, we're taking a break.  This month, we've posted six "Best Of" stories from the past two years.  We excluded from consideration any stories by the editors, any multi-part serials, and also any stories that appeared in the last few issues of the magazine.  Re-read an old favorite or discover one of these six fantastic tales for the first time.

The authors here need a break, too.  Our peer review process provides great feedback for both new authors and established ones.  But lately, writers haven't had enough of a chance to collect comments and revise their stories before we editors took their work and put it up for the world to see.  To keep quality short stories and serials coming, we need to let authors have more of a chance to get their works ready.

Submissions are still OPEN.  If you are an author, join the club!  Get valuable critiques of your work by fellow writers.  We're all interested in the same thing: getting better.

Quantum Muse publishes a wide variety of styles, from silly humor to pulp action to thoughtful sci-fi to intense drama.  Some people hate the lack of focus.  Others like to live on the edge.  On the edge of what exactly, we're not sure...

The authors here are like travelers thrown together by chance, talking and warming themselves by a roadside fire.  Some of the participants have PhD's and say remarkable things.  Others didn't finish high school.

I've seen some really fantastic gems of fiction here at QM.  And frankly, we've published some stuff that other e-zines wouldn't have touched.  You never know what you'll get at QM.  It's quirky.  You'll find rough stories with great ideas waiting to come out alongside polished art from a master's hand.  But whatever jewel you pick up from our strange collection, there's always an inner fire in the facets to delight the mind.

Enjoy the best of the past and the first glimpses of the new Quantum Muse, all in one great big issue.
2019-05-12 02:23:59
hi there

2011-01-01 19:28:14
Always entertaining, never boring and definitely quirky.... keep 'em coming.

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