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A Month of Change


Tim Goyette

Shortly before a plane pulls away from the jet-way at an airport the attendants will announce the flight's destination. This is in part to allow any passenger, who may be paying attention, the ability to jump up and yell that they are on the wrong plane.

Iíd like to confirm for you that, yes, you have come to Quantum Muse. It may look a bit different, and act a bit different, but it is still the same duck underneath.

The zine has been in almost constant publication for over 11 years. In internet years thatís like a googolplex. The old girl has done well, but it was finally time for a face lift. So kick back, grab a mug of the hot or cold beverage of your choice and enjoy the ride.

There are three significant changes to the site.

1. We are now posting flash fiction every Monday. Flash fiction are very short stories. Letís call them a literary comic, an appetizer, shall we say. So stop by weekly for a quick fix of mind expanding story telling.

2. We are not publishing by category any more. There will be a mix, but some months it may be all science fiction. To be honest we are not getting many fantasy submissions and it became hard to keep that category up without posting marginal stories. So this is the compromise we came up with. Each month there will be 4 full length stories. These will not change weekly like the flash.

3. A piece from the featured artist of the month is featured on the homepage.

2011-02-09 16:36:47
Ahem... Scantily clad/nude women...

2011-02-08 15:44:12
The site looks great. One suggestion though. As a Treki, I am fond of scantily clad green women. Have you considered showcasing a scantily clad or perhaps even a totally nude green woman every week? Just a thougt.

2011-02-04 02:22:25
Any chance of an RSS feed? Even if it only redirects to the site, it'd help keep track of what has been read and what not. My memory isn't what it used to be 11 years ago. ¶¨)

2011-02-02 12:39:10
Looks good.

2011-02-01 11:53:24
Very cool upgrade!

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