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Timothy O. Goyette

Happy New year, all.

We would like to welcome everyone to the great unknown, the undiscovered country, for those up on their Klingon. 

We say goodbye to 2011 and hello to 2012.  Many interesting things are slated to happen in 2012, like the end of the world; which would be a bummer for us but would largely be ignored in the rest of the universe.

Much has been made of a Mayan calendar that ends in 2012.  A number of people ascribe to this belief.  Personally I think it ends in 2012 because the Mayan working on the tablet ran out of room.  It was only later that the concept of the end of the world was added on.  Come on, stranger things have happened.

How the world could end is an amazing story.  In fact, many great stories have been written about it.  In the 60ís and 70ís post-apocalyptic books were all the rage.  These were actually about the end of human civilization.  Because humans write the history books this could be seen as a disaster.  To some other life on the planet it would be a blessing.

Another theme is man-made plagues destroying life on the planet.  These are usually thwarted before it spreads too far.  So far weíve seen that nature has enough sicknesses that there is really no need for human created ones.

Alien invasion is always a good one.  However, with the costs involved in building and fueling an interstellar craft Iíd assume that it isnít worth the trouble.  H. G. Wells and all the others, please forgive me.

The current heating of the planet could end up turning us into another Venus, completely hostile to life.  How soon?  Will it go that far?  No one knows.  Every week there is a new discovery/theory that shows that heating is speeding up, or is not going as quickly as thought.  However, from everything Iíve heard, it will not happen in 2012.

Hereís hoping we will all be around in 2013 to discuss how the world did not end.

2012-01-28 09:16:37
Sarge - End of the world? Plagues? Zombie apocolyspe? Me, I am hopping for giant man-eating frogs.

2012-01-25 18:32:50
Spoon - Dont forget the ever popular Zombie Apocolypse. Glad to see everyone is doing well.

2012-01-25 06:49:29
micheledutcher - Without the End of the World where would Sci-Fi writers be, or religion for that matter. We at least need to have 'The End of Civilization' or the End of life as we know it to write a good story. Make 2012 the best year ever OR ELSE. (or else what?) I wane philosophical, pardon.

2012-01-24 08:58:40
The heroes fight one another for survival, perhaps? "In World War I we fought the Hun; and when 'twas done, we fought his son." Lucky Mayan--to run out of rock. A measly few thousand years and it's like we're going to do it all over again. Let's give the ants a chance.

2012-01-14 07:44:24
GordonRowlinson - There have been an incredable number of movies with a post-apocalypic theme. Perhaps the two most recent ones are The Book of Eli, Termintor 4, I am Legend. We have a morbid fascination with the idea of civilization being destroyed and heros fighting for survival. Gord

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