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The stuff dreams are made of


Raymond Coulombe

Ive always loved Science Fiction and Fantasy. They fire the imagination and open the mind.

The best literature inspires a person to think and feel. It fires the passions.

The beauty of my favorite genres of literature is the lack of boundaries. The thinking can be way outside the box. Sometimes a good writer can take an idea, push it to its limits and we can see if it breaks or not. Utopias, dystopias, magical lands, technocracies, anarchy, theocracies -oh what fun it is to play.

In the center of everything is people. They might be seven feet tall insectoids, but they are still people. We can explore what it really means to be a sentient being. A good writer puts characters in fantastic worlds and the adventures begin. People are challenged, suffer, triumph, fail, endure, hate, love -the whole range of human experience.

It may be Frodo accepting a burden, or John Carter finding himself on a strange world. It could be Corwin of Amber, searching for lost memories and discovering who he really is. Then theres young Mr. Potter, discovering a much larger world and his special place in it. The people are central to the stories. The strange and weird worlds and situations test and develop their character.

The reader is right there, along for the ride, thinking and feeling. Its the best of virtual worlds. No technology has yet to equal the mass of gray matter between our ears, if only wed turn it on. We may be sitting in a comfortable chair in good light, but we are really experiencing swinging a sword on Barsoom.

It is said that a mind stretched by new ideas never goes back to its original size. If thats the case, we get quite the work out.

We may be accused of being dreamers, but dreamers bring the world into being. Without dreams wed still be living in caves, freezing in the dark.

2012-05-16 04:37:24
GordonRowlinson - To me the best SciFi has a concept that makes think "WOW" long after I've finished reading it.

2012-05-03 12:59:44
r.tornello - "The best literature inspires a person to think and feel. It fires the passions." I think that says it all.

2012-05-03 10:35:26
I always liked the limitless possibilities of f & sf too. Other kinds of fiction are OK, but too limited for my taste most of the time.

2012-05-03 08:07:41
Never have understood the idea that being a dreamer is a bad thing. Usually you hear it in the context of some action-oriented situation where action is king--as if anything could be accomplished without a plan, Stan. I think the great beauty of F&SF is that you can explore the options without risking real lives in the balance. Dreams of this sort could be called contingency planning that allows for the unknown and human behavior at the same time. This is the sort of modeling that allows one to cut to the chase as it were. That's a good thing. Having fun while you do it is another good thing. And the other thing about being a dreamer is that it stretches the known in interesting ways. Think about all the things that we take for granted in the "real world" today that originated in Science Fiction: water beds,rockets to the moon and mars, satellites, hand-held comunicators, skype, fuzzy logic empowered computer simulations, fantasy gaming, hoverboards... the list is endless. If you build it they will come is literally the truth. If you dream it, read about it, write about it, someone will build it. Good editorial.

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