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Controlling the Universe


Timothy O. Goyette

It was a dark and stormy night when the group gathered to determine the fate of the universe. Unfortunately for them the universe had other ideas. Beyond their ability to grasp let alone control. They struggled to hold on to any fact they could touch and poke, prod and examine, until they managed to bend it to their will. Through their machination they believed that the universe was molding to their will.

Over the years the cast of characters changed, but the goal never did. Each took what previous groups had done and pushed the envelope further out.

As the scientists of man struggled to understand existence from the sub atomic particles to the limitless reaches of interstellar space, others examined the universe, from the small to large, through imagination. These authors have transported us through plot and characters into the far future, dragging the scientists behind, providing the vision of what we can do, what we can become.

Two of these great visionary leaders have been lost to us this year.

Ray Bradbury - 8/22/1920 - 6/6/2012

Harry Harrison - 3-12-1925 8-15-2012

We would like to thank them and all the others who have shone a light on our future. Hopefully we keep the will to continue the journey they pointed out to us.

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