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Something is coming


Timothy O. Goyette

Here in the snow belt of the northern Hemisphere we've made it through the worst of the winter. We will still have some storms and the temperature isn't that much warmer, but it is getting better. The thing that really the raises the hopes of cabin fevered, window scratching, bundled in their blankets, northerners is that the days are getting longer.

We are no longer driving home from work in complete darkness. It whispers to the heart that the long hot days of summer are coming. It's just a hint, but that hint is enough to raise spirits and wash away the gloom of winter.

It is that same hope and desire for things to get better that drives humans on in a relentless drive of creation. Think of the person who invented the carrot peeler, three fingers McGill. They brought hope to the masses of people with gouged carrots and fingers, to say nothing of potatoes.

It is that same desire for something better, or at least different, that drives writers and more especially readers to the realms of the fantastic.

So now as winter is yielding in the the north let us join with this month's authors/artist and delve into the worlds outside our own experience.

2013-02-11 13:46:10
Sixbears - For the past month I've escaped winter with a quick trip to Florida. Things better warm up quickly as I'm supposed be home in March. March will break your heart, as warm days can be followed by snow.

2013-02-02 06:57:49
micheledutcher - That big rodent they pull out of the ground in the Northeast agrees with you: Spring will come 6 weeks early this year. If we're right about global warming, maybe Phil will always see his shadow from this point on. Really, with the temps today in the teens a little Global Warming doesn't sound too bad.

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