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Your Personal Travel Webzine


Michele Dutcher

Your Personal Travel Webzine By Michele Dutcher

As the last of the autumn leaves clung to the sapless branches overhead, I sat on a stoop half a block from where I live, waiting to kill my car. I tried to tell myself I was doing something good – like donating its organs so other Cutlass Supremes might find new life, but nothing would ease my sadness or my conscience. $300 sold for scrap. I thought back on sunny trips I’d made in this car’s loving embrace: to pre-Katrina New Orleans and back during a 3-day weekend; Spring Mill park for camping with the family; the local mall so I could see the Saturday matinee everyday for three months.

But now winter was setting in, the dry leaves crunching beneath my feet. I needed a getaway. I picked up a collection of short stories from my purse, and begin to read, being instantly transported to another time and space. Whether it is fantasy, science fiction, or simple literature, it’s good to leave it all behind every now and again.

The dying clone Roy in the movie Bladerunner tells the human chasing him: “I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I’ve watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain.” However, due to the writings of DB Dick, we have seen those things and much more.

In the past 12 months, Quantum Muse has invited you to journey with us to: the Llandudno Complex where a rip between parallel universes has proven to be an obsession for a scientist who can’t wait to get to the other side (Eye in the Open by Harry J Bentham); a park where the trees themselves are capable of turning humans into alternative lifeforms (Grim Park by Robert Hegwood); a future where zombies have successfully integrated mainstream life by becoming servants of the living (Slacker Zombie by Stephen Hernandez); Ciphon, a planet where a war is coming, pitting naive aliens against the human horde (The Scout by Harris Tobias); Buff Ledge North Carolina where taking a retirement seminar can end as journey to the bottom of the sea (Chicken of the Sea by Michele Dutcher); a future where the elderly are put on the shelf, literally (Holo Grammy by Richard Tornello); and even a room in heaven where interstellar creatures wait to talk to god (The Waiting Room by Harris Tobias)…among many other places and adventures.

This month, we’ve gathered together - for your reading entertainment - a fine collection of science fiction, fantasy and alternative stories. We’d be pleased if you’d consider Quantum Muse as your personal travel webzine to the far future and the far past, to an Earth that might have been and will be again, as your personal passport to an alternative reality.

As far as my Cutlass Supreme, I fear it went the way of the dodo bird and is now a lump of metal sitting in a scrap yard somewhere in Central Kentucky. However its spirit lives on as a robot that has travelled a million miles and is now having trouble remembering how to get around his hometown back on Earth – but perhaps a new love can make him simmer again (Mechanical Error). Happy reading!

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