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Schrodinger\'s reality


Timothy O. Goyette

Science Fiction gets its name from science and fiction.  As we know fiction is something that is made up and science is the study of reality.  Or, as I’d like to say: unreal reality.   It is interesting that the scientific method starts with hypothesis which is unreal reality until it is proven to be real reality.  Prior to the proof it must be both real and unreal at the same time, at least according to Schrodinger.  Once the test is run then the state is forced to collapse to one reality. 

Similarly if you pick up a science fiction book, is it reality or unreality (fiction)?  Does it exist in both states until you read it, or did the first reader cause it to collapse to unreality?

Because the words on the page of a novel are made up of symbols and not actual items, it is ultimately our mind that takes those symbols and translates them to an image that has form and meaning.  All of life and reality, as we know it, are gathered into each of us as individuals through this same method.  Therefore, isn’t reality what we perceive it to be? 

That being the case, when we read and it is brought to life in our mind, does it not exist at that instant?  For each word we read is it not created in our brain for at least an instant?

In the multiverse theory we create another universe each time we make a choice.  Choices are made in our brain just as the words from reading.  Could we be creating another universe every time we read a book?  If so then there can be no fiction because it will exist some where, in some universe.

Maybe someone can write a story about a scientist who proves this to be true and develops a way to communicate across the multiverse so we can all find out for sure.

Welcome to the July humor issue of Quantum Muse, where nothing is taken seriously.

2013-07-20 09:22:55
Sixbears - Reading -the creation and distruction of words. Just flippin quantum states man . .

2013-07-11 05:00:08
Ironspider - Oh dear, I'm stuck in a Möbius strip of repeating unreal concepts...

2013-07-01 15:57:01
Dude! This is deep! I wonder about stuff like this too! Thanks for putting it so eloquently!

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