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Timothy O. Goyette

Welcome to the annual horror issue of Quantum Muse. That month where only the bravest of the brave seek out our wares.

It is interesting that we, as humans, enjoy stories that scare us, or at least send a shiver up our spine. I've read that basically we like the adrenaline rush. Most of us would probably prefer to feel this in the comfort and safety of a movie theater or our own homes. We could go out and get our selves scared by throwing rocks at bull moose during rutting season. The ensuing flight for our lives would provide a feast of adrenaline.

I know a combat veteran who wanted to go back to Afghanistan He said he was an adrenaline junky.

The thing to keep in mind is, that even though these are just stories we get our adrenaline up because a certain part of our mind believes that I could be true. And who is to say. There have been enough unexplained things happening that we know there is some weird stuff going on.

We only have to take a wrong turn on a street and we will be thrown into the bizarre world of the night and never be heard from again.

Go ahead and read his month's selections so you'll know what to expect.

2013-10-19 07:12:10
micheledutcher - the Kachinas of the Hopi indians are masked men of the tribe who scare children, making sure they behave themselves when young. Fear can be a powerful way to control members of a tribe. It can also be used like an innoculation - to make sure you know the world might not be as friendly as think - thereby promoting self preservation.

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