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'Tis the Season


Timothy O. Goyette

One of the books most adapted to stage, film and other media is “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. It comes from a time before the rigid classifications of fiction into genres. Those rigid genres have been breaking down more recently with many cross over novels. I have a friend working on a humorous-fantasy-horror-noir-detective novel. Fun stuff.

A long time ago authors such as Dickens and Shakespeare added ghosts, spirits, witches, and other creatures of fantasy to their works and sometimes as the centerpiece. Mark Twain wrote a time travel piece. These were accepted by the public and everyone enjoyed them. Many of us enjoy them to this day.

Now fiction is broken down into so many sub genres that it is hard to have better than a working knowledge of each. In Barnes and Noble I came across a section labeled: Teen Paranormal Romance. Years ago this would have been just fantasy. Twilight probably had something to do with it.

I'm not saying that I wouldn't enjoy a little cyber-punk, military, teen romance, but it is possible to get so drawn into our one area of preference that we miss sight of what else is out there.

I'd suggest that we all occasionally step outside our sheltered hovel and see what the big wide world has to offer. If we prefer high fantasy maybe we should try humorous Science Fiction or contemporary teen paranormal. We could find something to like out in the big world of fiction. We could even try “A Christmas Carol” or some other classic. It will be different from the movies, as the books are almost always better than the movie.

Me, I'm looking for the alien invasion, animal rescue, submarine novel to come out. Has anyone seen it?

Happy Holidays everyone!

2013-12-27 23:45:27
Michael B.I have returned to the classics and on more than one occasion abandoned them because they are proved unreadable to me. Thank goodness for the library because you can order them and it does not cost a penny. In fact because the catalogue is on line I can manage my account at work!

2013-12-02 12:40:05
Timmi, I somewhat agree with U & Ironspider. However a nice intergalactic romance is desirable - too much written about wars & violence. Maybe a little romance could result in more interesting species. For example- if a red-blooded human male impregnated a blue-blooded Avatar-like alien female, what would the offspring be like? Maybe a violet-blooded peacemaker. It could be hoped for. Dogpatch

2013-12-02 05:20:37
Ironspider - Personally I think adherence to genre labels is more a function of publishers than readers. I'll merrily read horror, crime, even teen fiction if the story's good - I'm currently re-reading the 'Wizard of Earthsea' trilogy and will be tackling a Western translation of 'The Water Margin' next. Cross-genre books can be just as good as genre-specific titles, but anything containing the word romance (unless accompanied by the word 'planetary') gets left on the shelf.

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