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Quick Peek Back at the Muse’s year – 2013


Michele Dutcher

Probably the best part about being a staff member at Quantum Muse is having a hand in making certain that fine stories get into the hands of an appreciative audience. Whether the story is Science Fiction, Fantasy, or Alternative, it’s always fun to watch great stories coming up the pike.

Two monthly issues that I especially enjoyed this year were the Humor Issue (July’s) and the Horror Issue (October’s).

July’s humorous stories included (in no particular order): Alien Laughter by Harris Tobias (reminded me of a Stephen King short); The Really Serious Angst-Filled Dark Story by Jeromy Henry; DV88 by Tim Goyette; and The Wedding at Hemlock Hills.   We’re storing up humorous stories already for 2014’s July issue – if you have something to submit, send it on in. We’d love to see it.

October’s Scary issue stories included (in no particular order): Slacker Zombie by Stephen Hernandez (hilarious! In my opinion); Grim Park by Robert Hegwood (left me spooked); The Mortician’s Confession; The Haunted House by Harris Tobias; Beba Daio’s Prayers by Chris DelGuercio (a masterful use of descriptive phrases to build a story); Dr. Mephistopheles by Alex Mair (loved the stilted language). I heart zombies – so October is one of my favorite issues.

Looking back at comments received (very appreciated btw – whether pro or con), SF Wannabe’s stories stirred up the most comments for two of his stories: Wizards like Gods and Love Through a Glass Darkly. Kookbanelli by Richard Tornello also stirred up some of the Muse-nites.

It’s always fun to read a new flash fiction story each week, never knowing what to expect.

The Muse’s featured artists are always a real treat for the eyes. 

Be sure to keep sending in your stories, we’re already buzzing away here at Quantum Muse, ensuring our readers will continue to have the very best in fiction, making 2014 the Happiest of New Years.

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