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Arisia and small presses


Timothy O. Goyette

In January the 2014 edition of Arisia convention graced the Best Western Waterfront in Boston. It was my first time there. I had been to Boskone and Readercon the other main Scifi/fantasy/horror conventions in the Boston area. The costumes surprised me because the other that I had been too focused much more on books.

Panel discussions are great and just being around fans is wonderful. You can pretty much talk to anyone, we all have the same interests. It was also my first time sitting on panels. One was one stereotypes in literature and the other on what is canon and is it good. Ask me about them later. We had some laughs in both panels.

Then there was the dealers room. Along with really cool costumes there was a life-sized replica of the tardis, books, costumes, jewelery.

To see pictures of the small presses there and a few of me in airship pirate captain's coat please view the blog: https://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=1070889663661439308#allposts/postNum=0

I strongly recommend going to cons, epically with friends. It's a hoot. Check out the events link on the QM menu to find a con near you.

2014-02-07 08:07:02
I just got my tickets today for the Louisville Comic Con - the 11th Doctor Who will be there. My first time at a Comic Con - should be fun.

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