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Out With the Old


Timothy O. Goyette

2014, that moldy, worn out, old year has finally been discarded.  Now we have a bright, crisp new one to play with.  

Science, and to a lesser degree fantasy, have been promising us wonderful new stuff forever and little of it ever comes true.  Sad face.  However, there are things that do happen that give us hope.  Usually those hopes are stored in little glass bottles and hidden before they are taken out, yelled at, smashed, ground up, burned, and eventually dumped on the mountain of ash that was previous year’s hopes.

2014, the year in science, saw many incremental improvements but not much in the way in major breakthroughs.  A couple of interesting ones are:

A new gene therapy saved the sight of six people.  Because I value my weakening sight, anything that helps improve or preserve sight is big on my list.

The Rosetta mission landed a spacecraft, Philae, on a comet - hitting a snowball with a thimble millions of miles out in space.  You know some mathematician has a big bright smile on.  Go math.

A Dutch man was given a prosthetic arm that generates a sense of touch.  We are growing ever closer to the Borg.  When they finally arrive we’ll assimilate them.

What is not on the horizon for 2015?

Flying cars?  Uh, nope.
Competitively priced electric cars?  Don’t even think it.
Efficient and cheap solar panels?  Always a decade away.  Forever?  We’ll see.
Humans on Mars?  Stick with comic books and Novels for now.
Growing human organs?  We’re crawling, let’s not try and run before we can walk.
Teleportation?  Yeah, right.
Humans on the Moon?  See Humans on Mars above.
A fissure opens in the Earth’s crust and creatures of mythology come out?  Read Zelazny.

What do you want to see?

2015-01-08 05:17:37
Ironspider - Though I value the advances and advantages science can bring, I have doubts it'll change the way the majority think about the planet they inhabit. I'd like 2015 to be the year more people, if not all, finally realise the 'pale blue dot' is all we have and desperately needs our help. We will only survive as long as the planet can sustain us. I doubt that'll be a whole lot longer.

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