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Michele Dutcher

Here at the Muse, we tend to focus upon the written word, sometimes errantly overlooking the extraordinary artwork the Muse puts into her gallery each month. Although people say ‘a picture is worth 1000 words,’ it’s difficult to tell a tale without any words at all.


It was February 2011 when I really started paying attention to the great artwork The Muse has on display monthly. Donato Giancola was the artist that month and his 'Golden Rose' painting told a story about a surface bound woman mourning the loss of a court of mer-people. He’s from Vermont, USA and specializes in classical figurative art.


Another favorite of mine is John Alvin's artwork - especially Bladerunner. There are bios with the all the artwork and John Alvin's says he enjoyed 'creating the promise of a great experience' with his movie posters. In addition to receiving the Hollywood Reporter Key Art Awards’ grand prize, (John) Alvin’s E.T. was the only movie art ever to be honored with the Saturn Award from The Academy of Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy Films.


If you haven’t checked out the tradition of artwork here at Quantum Muse you can go to Menu, artwork, then click on a thumbnail to bring up the paintings selected for Quantum Muse by the artist. By going to the artwork button, you can see more of the artist’s works, read a bio usually in their own words, and find out what is important to them in the art they produce.


Below are some of the artists and quick notes on pictures they graciously loaned to The Muse for her gallery.


Duncan Eagleson: Legacy – Featuring HP Lovecraft and alien heads in a bottle. Painter, sculptor, author, and digital artist, Duncan Eagleson will be best known to print comics fans for his popular graphic novel adaptation of Anne Rice’s* The Witching Hour*, as well as work on Neil Gaiman's *Sandman*, Peter Milligan's *Shade the Changing Man*, and the Paradox Press "Big Books" series.


Thomas Wievegg – Sweden: Under the Waterfall – a dragon takes a shower to cool down.


Sarah Clemens – Florida USA: National Park – mischievous dragons have changed the signs to read: “Please Feed the Wildlife”


Anne Stokes – London & Yorkshire: Midnight Messenger – owl with scroll flies away from sorceress in a winter scene.


Paolo Rotelli Nagase – Italy: Rare Environment Test – a man stands alone outside the city walls, presumably testing the world outside to see if it’s safe to come out.


Santiago Caruso – Argentina: Houses and buildings in states of ‘beautiful decay’


Sutthiwat Dechakamphu – Thailand Maxim Chiasson – Ottawa Ontario: My Robot Cat – Whimsical girl happily rides a giant robot cat.


Matt Bissett Johnson – Australia: Alien Test Pilot seems to have crashed his craft after smoking too much of some herb.


John Rose – Wisconsin USA: Fantasy in Green If you saw a real leprechaun on the bus, would you take his picture?


Todd Messegee – Japan: Trex – Technology as Deity, robot ascending.


Erik van Helvoirt – Netherlands: sleek, clean future


Andrew Cefalu – Massachusetts USA: Broken Stepford – a Stepford Wife seems to have stopped in her tracks a decade ago.


Steve Bowers – York, England: Living Tattoo


Richard Pantell – Woodstock NY: Not of This Time 


Duncan Long – Evolution – a robot’s hand reaches for the apple.


Frank Picini – Sleep the Darkness Away


Although many of the artists listed have had great success with the world of art – some, like Keith Bentham, has found it to be filled with undesirables. “I have been working as an Artist for over thirty years and believe I am now qualified in exhibiting my work. I take my Art and Art in general very seriously and have refused to deal with the clowns, conmen, fakers, fraudsters and critics that infest the official Artworld.”


However you view art sellers and distributors, check out what Quantum Muse Gallery has to offer each month – I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

2015-04-01 05:28:34
micheledutcher - Love "Angel" by this month's artist. Set it as my desktop's wallpaper. Great stuff!

2015-04-01 05:26:47
micheledutcher - By the By: I love the art selected for this month, especially the 'Mad Max' girl in the 2nd picture down. Great detail, tattoos, city in the back - all of it, very nice!

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