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Interplanetary Politics


Timothy O. Goyette

The politics here on good old earth can seem, to us, quite complex, interrelated, and down right frustrating. That is only natural. We are in the middle of it, after all. And, like the philosophers of old it is easy to see ourselves as the center of the universe. Each of us tend to be the center of our own experiences.

But look at things beyond our own little corner of the galaxy which is a little corner of the universe. Look at Arrakis. There a galaxy-wide empire was blackmailed into submission by one man. At Endor the leadership of a galactic empire was disposed of by a father and son tag team. And the Encyclopedia Galactica, not the Battlestar, saved our galaxy from a 30,000 dark age.

I would encourage all of us to take refuge in some of these other political dramas whenever the current Earth only politics drive us to the brink of despair

It isn't that our earth politics aren't important, and at times they can be even more entertaining than the interplanetary ones. It is just that the sheer weightiness of it all can cause us to shrink away, to bail out, and otherwise stop caring.

So go some other place, a happy place, unless you like horror, and enjoy some righteous but-whooping, where the good guy wins and all is right at the end. Then come back to reality and think how much better it would be if we could write the ending. Then, try and make that ending come to be. After all, in some cases, some very few, wonderful cases, one person really does make a difference. Just like in the stories.

2015-08-21 19:03:52
r.tornello - one person with the assistant of minions, it's not ever one person alone, it the followers, the employees, the tax breaks, the gun, the sheep that cow down before the, in Sidwinders example, the bigots organizational machine. "Church and state, greed and hate. Two baboon monkeys in one supreme gorilla. Ape and Essence

2015-08-20 12:56:48
micheledutcher - Of course I meant Tesla - unless you want Telsa Oklahoma - and then I give the city to you. When people ask me, "If you're so smart why aren't you rich?" I reply: "If you're so rich, why aren't you smart?" - that usually shuts them up. Buddha was a prince, heir to a kingdom. Money is not the killer of ideas - being able to set aside worrying about day-to-day survival is the friend of innovation. Money is the mother of invention.

2015-08-19 06:26:46
I'll give you Telsa - which is a prime example of an out-and-out genius. This type of person is typically viewed as insane by those around them and they view the rest of humanity as cro-magnons they are forced to live beside. However, The Wright Brothers were preceded in flight by Gustave Whitehead from Connecticut - which is simply to show that most inventions are simply technology rising to the point where an a major step forward is almost inevitable.

2015-08-18 20:49:57
Sidewinder4 - [What one guy did.] Pat Robertson called for people to go into their local Republican convention system in 1988. But he was not personalty involved in the Georgia State Convention. I was a "House District Chairman" for the Republican Party in College Park, Georgia in 1988 [read 'eye witness']. [What one other guy did.] The whole disruption of the Georgia State Convention [in Albany, Georgia]and the bargaining [in New Orleans with the Credentials Committee] for the make up of the 1988 Georgia National Republican Delegation was coordinated by one man. I was present in Albany as a delegate and in New Orleans as an alternate delegate in 1988, but on the "other side" not being part of his clique. The man I refer to was only "like minded" with Robertson; not on his payroll nor even personally known to him. He and many of his "helpers" were members of my mother's church. i watched and tried to understand the disruption; it finally made sense. The whole point is: you personally can do more than you think possible and so can any of your characters. That extra character, the one that just seems in the way can: use the phone, set off a bomb, or just get shot at an opportune time. Speaking of religion: Jesus, Buddha, and Mohamed are all in the "one person causes a lot to happen" category. Ian Flemming was a staff member in British intelligence during Wold War Two. And James Bond was based on a particular agent that he knew. people who invent important objects: The Wright Brothers who supported themselves and their inventions with their bicycle repair shop, Henry Ford [son of an immigrant farmer], Nikola Tesla [AC electrical power etc.] Tomas Edison [light bulb etc.]. Tesla was an immigrant and Edison the child of immigrants. Robert Fulton [steam boat, submarine] son of a farmer. Money can't buy smarts but it can train and/or hire smarts. As Tim often types "write on."

2015-08-18 04:45:30
I looked up the 1988 GA disruption - Pat Robertson. It was one more step in politics and religion being bond up together.

2015-08-17 08:54:11
micheledutcher - I'll need to check some of those references out online - like the James Bond guy skiing backwards and such. Some people are bigger than life, however. Statistically, people who invent important objects are people who don't have a 9 to 5 job, but are supported by a wealthy family or a religious group. Being born rich - always a place to start (ergo The Donald).

2015-08-16 20:49:22
Sidewinder4 - in 1988 one man, by some organizing, disrupted the Georgia Republican Convention and changed the make up of the delegation that went to the National Convention in New Orleans. Check it out. There may be more like [you] minded people about in your community than you imagine. James Bond was based on a real man who among other things actually skied away backwards from some Nazis while engaging in a gun fight. Charles Lindbergh flew the Atlantic New York to Paris "all by himself." The Mercury Seven Astronauts flew one by one too.

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