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Richard Tornello

The surrender did not take place aboard a battle cruiser, a nuclear submarine or in the shadow of a bombed-out city. The surrender took place quietly, almost unknown, rarely published and if alluded to, the specifics were omitted. The surrender was acknowledged when the operating system Windows, the main computer operating system of the world, was handed over to the Peoples Liberation Army (Mainland China’s power base) in the early 21st century. A few science and military publications mentioned the loss of our intellectual freedom but the story died a quick death. Thanks be to the internet news. It can be expunged. It never happened.

The terms are still unknown. They are not onerous. Just complete subjugation to the ruling elite. The ruling elite in many ways are an interlocking group that transcends national boundaries. We will never be allowed to know all of them.

Dick Chaney was the first modern visible tip of that iceberg. The president of China is another. The others?...that’s a good question.

Hong Kong is the template implemented. Each case, each political geographic entity is different and requires a modification in the template. But in the long run, the template works. Each nation has the parameters within which to work based upon their national heritage. Russia has the freedom to move quickly ending dissent. The United States has the fewest parameters, because here there are limits of acceptability.  

In the case of the United States, the government under George Bush II, allowed or was forced to concede the Operating System of Windows to the China Peoples Liberation Army. This was the completion of the first stage of the planetary domination plan.

For the foreseeable future, the USA, Europe and Russia (which is a different case all together) will be allowed to continue as if nothing changed. The populations have no clue. The news, being controlled by the Chomsky Censorship Model, understood the rules of engagement and operated there in.

In truth, central control was funneled through the Peoples Liberation Army in China. If one looks closely, most of the members of the Chinese ruling elite are engineers, scientists and are technically competent - as opposed to the USA, where most high officials are lawyers. These Chinese rulers are equipped to handle the complex issues facing the planet. They understand when the scientists speak. They are not ignorant of scientific concepts.

Many elected officials do not have access to this data. They may scream and yell about issues relating to trade, military activities and such, but unless they cause a serious issue, they are tolerated here in the United States because it is part of our history to tolerate this type of activity. To squash it would bring questions to the fore. These forces are not stupid. However the question this writer has is this: when does the wheel of repression come into play for writers and artists? In most countries we are considered dangerous and are monitored, though here in the USA not so much. That could change, bringing us in line with China, Russia, Iran and all the others.

2015-11-08 03:26:26
Moi, trigger happy? I think not,that's why I go to the range. But please be more specific, private comment if necessary. RT

2015-11-07 18:33:23
Wesson - Damn RT, getting a little trigger happy aren't you?

2015-11-07 14:50:58
Pippin, you claim to have worked in the field, but your comments appear contrary to facts and current history and show a complete lack of the deeper understanding of what is truly happening out there.

Sorry but I think you missed a point regarding the acquisition of the source code. But since you know all of it, and all about it, I will defer to your comments and drop the subject.

2015-11-07 13:53:56
Pippin91 - Steve Jobs said it best: "Windows is a piece of sh--" So what if the Chinese have Bill Gates' source code - they could reverse engineer it any time they wanted to. Windows is a rats nest of security holes, inefficiencies, and stupid design tricks. Nobody truly concerned about security uses it. As to cyberattacks, they are happening continuously, 24x7. I've worked in the computer security field for many years, and large corporations block MILLIONS of attacks a month. It's an endless game of thrust and counter-thrust. And while the Chinese and Russians have active cyberwar programs, rest assured that the US does too, and it's probably better than anyone elses.

2015-11-05 15:08:34
Oh fellow writer, you too will be Xia Feng. (look it up). BTW neither country will allow their country to be destroyed by some foolish provocation. And each has its own internal issues that have to be dealt with too. But as you mentioned, the modus operandi of empires will be interesting to view. I'm guessing it will be after my lifetime.

Again I'm guessing but the economic stability of each is a paramount concern since both have a history of internal rebellion fostered by poverty and bureaucratic ineptitude typical of imperial decay, seen in others too, (Rome, Spain, many Chinese dynasties).

Nuclear war is probably out of the question. Scientific American mentioned a study where a small nuclear exchange between India and Pakistan, say 10 missiles each, led to a nuclear winter in the northern hemisphere. So My dear Wesson, I think it will be more of a hidden take over then outright warfare and you will never be the wiser except that writers and artist will probably be cashiered or eliminated through other means not so drastic. RT

2015-11-05 11:14:38
Wesson - I spitefully welcome a new world dominated by Russia and China. For eight years of the Bush administration, I listened to pinhead professors tell me that the United States was nothing more than a plague sent upon the earth to spread misery and strangle other cultures with its imperial talons. Well, step aside kiddies, we’re about to see how real empires conduct business.

2015-11-01 14:13:25
Just to reiterate, I have personally been hit by 2 Denial of Service attacks within the last two years crippling my ability to work for a number of days. This is just one small aspect of the cyber war total issue. But anothe issue here is repression as we are witnessing it throughout the globe. Writers are being killed because of what they write. People know that the pen/laptop is a powerful tool, and it is mightier than the gun or sword, as long as you are out of range or can run fast enough.

2015-11-01 12:54:11
micheledutcher - Cyberwarfare is happening. Lights Out by Ted Koppel is screaming at us about how vulnerable our power grid is. The average person isn't thinking about it, but cyberwarfare could cripple us. What does everyone else think?

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