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by Roi Czechvala

“Dude, what the Hell is that on your dorsal fin,” Don asked, indicating the little yellow tag with his ventral flipper.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Bob replied a little morosely.

“I saw the whole thing. Man that was one fucked up scene,” Ray broke in eagerly. Sometimes Bob wondered why he hung around with Ray. He could never keep his pointy mouth shut. “Bob was just swimming along, when one of those shadows from outer space swam above us and…”

“Just drop it Ray, OKAY?”

“Geez, sorry man. I didn’t know you were so touchy.” Ray slapped his tail fluke in a derisive gesture.

“Look, I just don’t want to talk about it… they… they did things. Horrible things. They…”

“Hey buddy,” Don said soothingly as he nuzzled his friend’s belly with an understanding snout, “it’s not the end of the sea you know. It’s not like they… They didn’t, did they?” Bob said nothing. His lack of normal sonic sub vocalizations of pod reassurance said it all.

“Whoo Hoo,” Don hooted with a massive blast from his cranial melon, “Bob got probed.”

“Dude,” said Ray, a little ashamed and embarrassed for his friend, “Say it ain’t so. Say they didn’t do it man. Say they didn’t take you into space and…”

“Allright, Allright, You want to know so goddamn bad, I’ll tell you. Yes, I was taken into space. Yes, I was taken on board their craft. And yes, I WAS PROBED. HAPPY NOW?”

“Man, I’m so sorry…”

“Look, we didn’t know, we were just fucking with you, you know?”

“We’re cool, right?”

Bob ignored them. “You know what the worst thing was? Well, DO YOU?”

“Look Bob, you don’t have…”


The two cetaceans were stunned into silence. They swam along, somewhat apart from their friend. Finally Ray swam up beside him. “Hey Bob?”


“What’s it like?”

2012-02-16 19:32:37
That was so wrong. I loved it!

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