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Michele Dutcher

Skin and Scale

by Patricia Todd

He looked backwards and noticed with increasing alarm and astonishment that a large portion if not all of his skin had been deposited on the ground where he had only just walked with two feet, upright, as he had always done. What was this metamorphosis that had occurred ?

As people go he was average both in looks and attitude, the only distinguishing feature about Mark was his habit of flicking his tongue about as if his teeth were permanently dry.
He had forged normal relationships in the office, in the bedroom and even in the pub. What could anyone say about solid, average Mark ?

He had sat the usual exams and passed with average grades, he had had a few relationships of a fairly limiting nature as he had gone to an all boys school where the order of the day had been : Achieve, Succeed, Progress. And he had melded his wits and personality to these high ideals or as far as his intellect would go.
Since then he had graduated with only the usual grade of honours and had landed a wholly unremarkable job working for an insurance firm, for which he was moderately paid and which provided the incentive to perform moderately.

However, becoming infatuated with one of the recent recruits had imbued him with a new found sense of enthusiasm and drive: Competition had been bestowed late upon Mark.
His rivals were all too numerous but since the object of his desire proved to be fastidious in the extreme, he paid attention all too avidly to his nearest neighbours in this pit of restrained testosterone, quietly writhing and gyrating to the rhythm of the day's commerce.

Occasion had it that Mark observed one of his co-workers and therefore one of Ophelia's potential suitors had become particularly attentive and engrossed in her portfolio and was no doubt proferring his advice and guidance on this knotty subject.
          John had unwittingly become the sand in the oyster shell that vied and rubbed at Mark's suddenly acutely ophidian senses.

And as suddenly John became not altogether well and had to sit down frequently with a slight pallor colouring his skin and a shortness of breath that prompted all those around him to display concern and consternation; what could be the matter with their once fit and vibrant co-worker ?

John left the firm shortly afterwards and regained his previous vigour within a short period of time. We should all be satisfied and sympathetic with such a salutary swing of events.

Ophelia passed Mark in the corridor, Mark passed Ophelia at the photocopier, Ophelia and Mark met for coffee at the dispensing machine and smacked their lips at each other, coyly ending side glances at each other distracted only by the hiss of the coffee pot or the hum of the machine in such a sulty atmosphere.

This strange scenario continued for some time until the seductive yet seemly Ophelia played her first gambit in this sensuous game. Salutation after salutaton, wave after wave of brief and curt innuendo saturated their conversation and discussions over the coming days, until Mark, besotted with this sylph like creature could bear the tension no more and without warning he dipped his head so that their eyes met and he stole a kiss from the suddenly lipless female, where he encountered a flicking tongue and parched, scaly cheek,
to his discomfiture.
           The trap sprung, the guileless Mark recoiled in stunned silence and retreated to the safety of his lonely desk.

Seemingly oblivious to Mark's sensitivities and positively beguiling in the extreme, Ophelia displayed no obvious change in her attitude to her would be suitor, yet vestiges of a smile and a look were shot in his direction, just to generate enough interest for him to keep paying attention to her.
           The kitchen steamed from an over boiled kettle and both Ophelia and Mark bathed in the moist warmth surrounding them. They clearly adored one another and having overcome their shyness that they had had, the stage was set for the final assertion of their pairing : Holding their cups in front of their faces, they eyed one another with an intense gaze, like hunters and prey they each occupied their sequential roles.
           They twined their fingers round one another's so that it was impossible to distinguish whose fingers were whose and they moved in towards one another wrapping their limbs inextricably around each others bodies.

The stabbing pain on the side of his neck was brief but intense and Mark felt at once exhilarated and entranced by this lovely creature : She had chosen him to be one of her own.

The ensuing days proved just as euphoric as the first 'kiss' and he kept a vigil on her movements and the attentions from the other males in the group. Previously he may have said 'team', but he was feeling less and less like the conciliatory colleague of before and more and more like the predatory Alpha male from the insistent urgings that lay coiled up in his psyche.

His behaviour didn't go unnoticed and he was, after a brief discussion with Senior Management, dismissed, usual benefits parcelled and packaged, on the grounds of ill health and, although not formally acknowledged, a little nervousness on the part of his colleagues.

Mark found himself outside and he felt in need of some respite and so took a walk in the local park to relax and unwind and it was then that he shuddered, the whole length of his body endured rhythmic pulses starting from the very crown of his head to the tips of his toes, and he felt quite renewed and strong in his nelwy found muscles, elongated and sinewy.

With a 'dear John' and a 'bygone Mark', Ophelia had scaled the corporate game of Snakes and Ladders.

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